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Catching the Sun: 4 Major Developments in Solar Technology

4 Major Developments in Solar Technology

Solar energy is booming across the globe, and the U.S. alone has seen this industry grow at around 42% per year for the last decade.

As solar technology continues to evolve, more sustainable solutions become available to all, fuelling the growth of this industry even more.

Take a look at the latest solar tech designed to make this type of energy more accessible and efficient.

1. Floating Solar Panels

Why would you want floating solar panels when rooftop residential solar installations work just fine? To take advantage of the huge obstruction-free expanses of lakes and reservoirs, that’s why.

Floating PV panels are an excellent choice for creating vast solar farms to provide clean energy to nearby homes.

These panels also use water to keep them cool, which increases electricity production by 10%.

2. Architectural Solar Generation

Apart from roofs, many features of modern-day buildings lend themselves to generating solar power. These include awnings and patios, as well as windows.

The latest developments in solar technology include photovoltaic glass that looks and functions like ordinary glass, except it generates electricity at the same time.

This innovation is already available for new constructions and can make a huge difference to the way commercial buildings design their spaces going forward.

3. Solar Panels That Work at Night

According to Blue Raven Solar, their monthly solar installations save 3,1 billion pounds of coal.  Imagine how many more pounds we could avoid burning if solar panels could create electricity 24/7?

Well, scientists have recently come up with solar panels that generate electricity when the sun’s gone down. This new solar technology works only in certain conditions and relies on thermoradiative cells instead of PV cells.

These cells radiate heat into their surroundings and emit infrared light when pointed at the night sky. For now, this process only generates 50 watts of power, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s refined enough to make a real difference.

4. Super-Thin Solar Technology

Solar fabric is an extremely slim type of thin-film solar panel. It’s lightweight and flexible, which makes it ideal for a myriad of applications. This fabric has tiny PV cells embedded in it, and you can stick it on any surface.

You can even make tents out of solar fabric, which cancels out the need to travel with a generator. These tents could also come in handy as emergency accommodation in times of crisis.

Solar skin is so thin, it resembles cling film. You can wrap it around an object placed in direct sunlight, and harvest enough electricity to charge a phone or power a small light.

This innovation consists of billions of tiny photoelectric Quantum Dots, that generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Research shows that thin-film solar panels generate more electricity than standard solar panels when stacked four deep. Using thin-film panels this way is an expensive and heavy exercise, but this solar fabric could change all that, too.

Moving Forward With Tech

The good news is that as solar technology keeps improving, it’s bound to become more widespread and affordable, too. This makes it possible for more people to embrace the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

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