6 Best Online Games – Highly Recommended and popular

6 best online games we recommend

When it comes to best online games of your choice then our list of 7 best online games will intrigue you.

Weather you are a sea lover, or a zombie slayer or you are the solo dare devil, you will love them all. We have had intensive research and came up with the list of seven best games online that we recommend. These games also are a few of the most highly popular games played by millions.

Except for PUBG all other games are available in most of the nations. PUBG was recently banned in India due to security concerns. But, as it is evident that PUBG has made certain changes and it is struggling hard to relaunch in India. But, when will PUBG be relaunched in India is not know.

1- Counter-Strike – GS:GO

Counter-Strike - GS:GO

Counter-strike also known as CS:GO (GO for global offensive) this is one of the most popular online games of all time. It is available for PC and Mac.

This was first published in 2012. It has some realistic natural rules and has a premium battle mode called the Danger Zone.

This was developed by Crytex and available for PC, Xbox One (TBD).  If you are fond of hunting demons then this game is exactly for you. It has a huge map that you can get lost it. Some realistic and chilling experience awaits you while you play this game.

The best part is that you are on your own and you need to fight the battle yourself. The other mates won’t be there to help you or cooperate with you to kill the demons. Thus the fight is multi-sided.

2. Fortnight Battle

fortnight battle royale

This is a multiplayer free game.  This was developed by Epic Games.

Zombies are the main theme. If you are good at zombie slaying then this game is meant for you. This game has a mobile verion, xbox, play station 4 and web. And all versions can be connected to each other. So you can resume where you left on any of the given divices.

It shows an apoclypsy like situation with zombies appearing in waves after waves. You can collect arms and weapons and kill zombies.

You can create a group of four and around 100 people can play at a time.

The best feature is of fort building. You can build your forts, bridges etc. At the same time you can do this in a group of four and the better skills you have to create a fort, the better chances of survival and ultimately winning the game.

Enjoy destroying other’s forts too and make the game more exiting and thrilling for yourself and others.

It is free to download and free to play. You can buy some features by paying.

The most significant part which irks you while playing the game, and which itself is a big challenge is the shrinking circle.  You play in a circle that is ever shrinking.

3- League of Legends

Who doesn’t like legends? This game gives you a chance to become one.

This game offers you various types of champions with different powers and abilities. Chose one for yourself to start

Some champions are fighters who fight directly with the enemy whereas other champions have the ability to attack from a distance.

You strength depends on the enemies you kill. Or by buying arms from the store. You can use the gold that you win during a battle to buy arms from the store. Or just upgrade.

The best part is level six where you get huge powers and this makes it more interesting and easy to kill the monsters.

This game is about jungle that you have to cross. This jungle is full of monsters that fight back. Your opponents will attack you and monsters will try to destroy you.

You can make teams.

4 . Sea of Thieves

For people who are imaginative, smart and fond of seas, treasures, islands, and pirates Sea Of Thieves is one of the best games available. Since childhood if you always dreamed of becoming a pirate but, life gave you a different challenge then Sea of Thieves can give you a chance to relive  your life.

The best part of the game is that you can put your own personality in you pirate. Chose from an unending list of pirates or create your own, you get all the freedom and this makes this game really exiting.

You can play solo. Or create a pair with another player. You can board a ship alone or with your partner. Or even set sail with multiple other groups.

You have the option to invite friends to become your partner. Or use the match making system that will give you the best partner who matches your personality and skills. Who knows this way you both will be comlimenting each other.

Play on xbox or get it on steam, the choice is yours. This is a paid game.

Each ship has a different feature set and you can chose any on to suit your mission.

The challenges are posed from other players, elements of nature. The mistakes that you make can be another big challenge.

You can win maps of treasures, explore the sea to become rich or attack others to win their fortune.

5. Hunt: Showdown

hunt showdown best of the online games

This game is for adrenalin lovers. If you have no guts to be ruthless then this game is not for you.

Thsi game was developed by Crytek and has been quite popular since launch.

it has stunning and dreadful features that will keep you engaged throughout the game.  This game is for players vs players and then monsters are there to destroy and kill you.

You earn cash as you fight and win against others that includes players, monsters and elements.

The goal is the find the biggest and last dreadful creature and then kill it. Even if you find it first you need to fight your way ahead by killing other players.

More arms can be bought with the cash you earn. And the best part is that if you die while fighting, you will still get to keep the cash . Thus, your future endeavors will have a cash ready fight.  

But, first find clues and kill enemies to survive the game.

This game can be played on PC and Xbox


pubg game - soon to be relaunched in India

Cold war might have ended 30 years back but the Soviet nostalgia still hangs over. PUBG is a testimony to that.

The entire background is devoted to this nostalgia. It is a post apocalyptic period on a deserted island. You start by jumping from an airplane and landing safely on the island.

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is one of the most played games in the world. I broke all the previous records of other games in terms of popularity and number of players playing it every day or month.

To start the parachute will not betray you and you will land safely. But, what awaits you are 99 enemies. They all are hunting each other and you are no exception.

No elements, no monster but 99 deadly, daring and killer enemies.

You land on the island and start collecting maps, weapons, armours or whatever you get to fight. You also kill opponents while you surf through the island. And that is the ultimate moto. Kill everyone and the final survival will win the game.

This might bring to your memories about a Japanese movie where some 20 youngsters were left on an island and they had to kill others to survive. In the U.S. the Hunger Game paved the movie.

The concept of this game is inspired from Arma and DayZ.

You can play this game on PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android. It is free to play but you can buy in app.

This game was launched by PUBG Corporation and soon became the global leader.

It was in the news recently because it was banned in India due to data concerns. PUBG is planning to soon relaunch in India with improvements. But, the dates haven’t been announced.



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