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We are a team of IT professionals who always wanted to do something of our own. We love information and knowledge.

Technology is something that is changing our lives by hours if not days. And this should be the real focus of our society, communities and governments.

Technology is like a sharp knife. It can be good and at the same time it can be devastating.

For example the growth of internet.

No other technology in the human history has made the earth a global village like internet. From slow cumbersome internet few decades back to a high speed data transfer , it is come a long way in the shortest period of time.

It has opened new scopes for technology advancement and betterment of humanity. But, at the same time it is being exploited in all different forms.

And, we want to keep you on the right side of the history. The history that is in making and that has the capacity to destroy all the boundaries that humans have built for themselves.

New, exciting and good things are happening as the moment pass by. And we want to keep you updated and integrated as much as possible.

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