Android ‘O’ Is Out For Developers: Everything You Need To Know


You know it’s a good day when you are a geek and get to know that Google just released the developer preview of its next version of Android. On Tuesday, Google unveiled its latest Android O for developers and it is available to download as preview on some of the supported devices like: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, and Pixel C.

Android O packs bunch of new features like power saving, easier controls for notifications and more. Though we don’t know much like what features will we get in the full version or what will be the name of this version. For now, they are just calling it ‘O’. Let’s take a look on some of the major features in Android O

Background App restriction

This is one of the features that you can’t see working but you’ll surely appreciate. To improve the battery life, Android O will restrict and manage what app will do in the background while multiple of them are running. It means that maps will update the location less frequently while running in the background to prevent the battery from draining fast.


Notification snooze android ONotifications have always been one of the old and strong features of android. In O, the notifications have been improved and became handier. Now it has “app-defined categories for notification content”. Now you can create a customizable channel for each type of notifications. This means now you can create a channel named news to display content from all the news applications on your handset and similarly for all the type of apps.
There’s also a new notification snooze feature. It will allow you to snooze notifications simply by swiping them and selecting for how long to snooze it for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.


We’ve already seen picture-in-picture in some televisions and iPad. Now, Android O brings the ability to play video in a window while interacting with other apps. Now you can reply to a text while streaming your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Lock screen shortcuts

In Android Nougat there is a microphone and a camera icon on the lock screen to quick launch google assistant and the camera app. Now, in Android O you can customize your lock screen with even more shortcuts for apps.

HiFi Audio

Now in Android O, you can stream high-quality audio over Bluetooth. Thanks to the latest enhancements and tweaks. Though the quality of audio depends on the quality of speakers but still this update will be a big plus for audiophiles.

Wide-gamut color

This feature is all about future proofing. You might not notice it now but as the displays on the tablets and smartphones are improving this feature will allow your applications to take full advantage of all the colors. Now, just imagine how good all your selfies will look.

Multi-display support

This feature will allow users to transfer content from one display to another. This feature seems to aim at both the new kind of devices and Android on Chrome OS. This will allow developers to quickly launch any activity on a remote display.

Keyboard Navigation

This feature is essential for android apps on Chrome OS. This will allow developers a better support for arrow and tab navigation in their apps.


These are some of the features which we’ve seen in the first preview of Android O. If you think that I missed your favorite feature then feel free to tell me in the comment section. Subscribe for future updates.

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