Animal Crossing controllers and Accessories

animal crossing controllers

Animal crossing series became popular after its release in 2002. The wonderful characters in the simulation captured the minds of many people. Gamers have taken this opportunity to show their support for Animal crossing. So if you are a lover of this social simulation, we have made a list of Animal crossing controllers, and accessories for you.

First, we’ll be talking about the New Horizons Edition 32GB console.

Upon its release, the animal crossing console became popular, especially among game lovers. At the back of the console is a map design, and some of the game’s characters you love. This particular switch was sold to a lot of people and is currently scarce. If you are looking for where to get this console, eBay and other similar source is your best bet. However, you must be sure your seller is genuine to prevent fraud.

The animal crossing Joy-cons is another console you don’t want to miss for anything. Without buying the consoles again, you can get your animal crossing look. If you want to purchase the Japanese version, you can get it on eBay. However, it might be hard to get the real pair.

Let’s talk about the Controller Gear Animal Crossing.

There is no need to change your Nintendo switch if you have it already. You just have to refresh your system with the controller Gear animal crossing theme that has been built for your base, switches, and controllers.

When it comes to Animal Crossing controllers and accessories, then the New Horizons Aloha Edition case and screen protector are one of the best.

These accessories help to protect your switch while you are on the move. The case is beautiful and adds an Animal crossing style to your switch accessories. For your system’s protection, you’ll get a nice looking screen protector.

Animal crossing playstand is another great accessory.

This playstand can be adjusted and is also foldable. Whichever three positions you set it in will be convenient for you while you sit and play with your switch. You’ll find a space in the accessory for your cord to enable you to plug in the system.

Next is the Animal Crossing TPU semi-hard cover

The TPU semi-hard cover gives your switch extra protection without making it look hideous. At the back of the accessory is the cute animal crossing style and the TPU material helps to avoid scratches and damages.

Animal crossing tote bag is another great feature we will be looking at.

This bag can contain your game cases, chargers, and other items you can think of. If you want to travel and need space for your switch, an animal crossing tote bag is your best choice.

With the Power A Enhanced wireless controller, you’ll be able to play with a wireless controller in place of Joy-cons. This is another animal crossing option.

There are several other animal crossing accessories. To get these accessories, check eBay and similar sites. If you wish to get the accessories at your location, you’ll need to put in some effort. Then you can get a piece of any accessory you like.

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