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apple iphone 12 series

Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone 12 series of phones soon. The launch date is expected be around 13 or 14th October 2020.

Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone 12 series of phones soon. The launch date is expected be around 13 or 14th October 2020. Every year Apple comes out with the new iPhone with a low priced as per the audience demand with up-to-date features and design.

Apple’s decision to attract a large number of audiences in the market surely predates the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has enabled it to maintain a presence in a rapidly transforming economic reality.

Apple has accidentally released some of the features of the brand new Apple iPhone 12 series:

When it comes to the upcoming new iPhones, it will surely come up with the new 5G support, improved (120Hz on the Pro?) displays, enhanced camera for photography features, and insanely fast processors will certainly boost the interest of the audience at the high-end.

Apple mostly announces a new iPhone every year in September which makes this test video even more exciting. As per the last year’s iPhone special event date on the same date. Although Apple has announced that the iPhone 12 launch event date can be delayed, but now the Apple company may have just leaked a surprising new release date. 

iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 proportional renders, based on new revelation.

Contrary to this video, even Jon Prosser has revealed that the Apple event may take place on October 12th as Apple has already confirmed the next iPhone will be delayed a bit this year. However, Apple did not mention anything about an event being delayed for the iPhone which makes this snafu a lot for more audiences to believe.

Along with the brand new iPhone 1, it is expected that Apple will launch the Apple watch series 6 and a new iPad as well. 

The launch event will mostly include some form of artwork that gives an idea to the audience of the new iPhone 12 and other products that Apple might be launching.  

The rumors of the iPhone 12 are flying from all angles all over the world. Although everyone is as always curious to know about the unique features and designs of the iPhone 12. But all of you will be amazed to know that the latest unexpected revealed is from the Apple itself. And as per the rumors, iPhone 12 is going to be an exciting design as per all the previous years till now.

Predictable Features of the Apple iPhone 12 series:

  • As per the revelation by the Apple, iPhone 12 will be of a size of 5.4 inches. It will be the smallest model of iPhone till now after the iPhone SE that was released in the year 2016. It is going to be very good news for the small mobile screen fan. It will be great to see how the iPhone 12 can be small packed with incredible technology. iPhone 12 is going to be sure in the mobiles with the best cameras.
  • The best part in the camera of the iPhone 12 will be a display zoom as per the revelation by the Apple it will be detected by 9 to 5 Mac. Display Zoom will be an accessibility tool that will enlarge the iOS user interface – an effect Apple will achieve by “changing the entire system interface to the one used by another smaller iPhone.
  • Like the previous models iPhone X, iPhoneXS, and iPhone 11 pro were of size 5.8 inches but indeed never supported the display zoom option. Because till now there was not a smaller iPhone with such aspect ratio.
  • Since the beta versions of this iPhone iOS 14 allow dropping for the first time, from the ratio of 1125 x 2436 to an even lower ratio resolution of 960 x 2079. Lo and behold, according to 9to5Mac, this would be the perfect camera resolution of a 5.4-inch iPhone. 
  • The brand new iPhone 12 can be a pocketable powerhouse. And it seems like again we can use iPhone one-handed.
  • According to rumors coming from the Apple company, the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max model may increase and will be at a range from 6.5 inches to 6.7, while the smaller version 5.8-inch option could shrink to 5.4. The middle model will range from the 6.1-inch model will remain the same, but with an upgraded display. All 2020 iPhone models are assumed to have OLED displays, as well as 5G support.

According to the rumors of the Apple iPhone 12 series, the launch of the event will be in the same manner as a WWDC presentation. Although Apple is yet to send the invitation for the upcoming launch event.

The rumors of the iPhone 12 also stated that Apple now soon will be removing its complimentary wall charger, which usually comes along with the phone. While describing this discovery MacRumors pointed out that in iOS 14 and earlier versions of iOS, in the revelation Apple has mentioned reducing exposure to radiofrequency energy by using the ‘supplied headphones. This change might look good enough and will be beneficial globally for the environment indisputable, but it seems like there might be more towards this decision. The revelation also states that this move could lead to further expansion of the AirPods range by Apple and also a new magnetic wireless charging accessory may be provided with the iPhone.

When is the iPhone’s supercycle going to be held?

Every year when the new iPhone series launches, Apple company usually tends to reduce the prices of the existing devices or models.

Although Apple company hasn’t revealed it anything yet. But as per the rumors, there will be a drop in the price of the iPhone SE to $349 and the offer will be placed for iPhone 12 devices beginning around $699. Although there is no such guarantee these price predictions will prove accurate.

Waiting for the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 series:

There have been some flying rumors from the Apple company that they may introduce some models without launching event via press release.

However, Jon Prosser recently claimed on twitter the brand new iPhones will be announced shortly in October in the event.

Let’s wait for further updates from the Apple company.,

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