5 Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners

Arduino projects for beginners

When it comes to DIY projects, the first name strikes to our mind is Arduino. Because of its open source platform and wide community support, many programmers prefer making their projects with the help of Arduino. This might be easy for them to begin with but what about you? you don’t have much experience with boards and screws, do you? For a novice, even the simplest of the projects may seem to be difficult. So today, I am going to list 5 cool Arduino projects for beginners which can be done easily with the help of a DIY kit. To get started with these projects, all you need are the items which are mostly included in the Arduino starter kits such as:
*Jumper wires etc.

1. Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners: Basic Alarm System

Arduino Alarm systemA basic alarm system is a very cool Arduino project for beginners. It is a very easy project and it can scare the heck out of the intruder and will keep them away from your room. Sounds interesting, right? To build a simple Arduino alarm system, you are gonna need some basic components like:
*An Arduino
*A ping sensor
*A buzzer
*A couple of LEDs or an LED strip light
Now, before you get started, let me tell you that the sole purpose of this project is to teach you how an alarm system works. It is a very simple Arduino project so this alarm system cannot be used for security purposes like securing a home or a building. You can use it to scare your siblings and intruders with flashing lights and a high-pitched sound. The Arduino alarm system uses a motion sensor to detect movement and when an object comes near it, It starts making noise through the buzzer and flashing LEDs as you have programmed it. After assembling the whole setup, you will need to program the alarm system using the Arduino software by placing or writing (if you want to make some customizations) the code.

2. Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners: Arduino Traffic light controller

Arduino traffic light controllerThe next project in the list is an Arduino traffic light controller. This project is good for beginners who need to be introduced to the Arduino programming. The Arduino traffic light controller uses a green, yellow, and a red LED to create a traffic light on a breadboard. You can also alter the code to change the timing, output, and sequence of the blinking. To build one, you need to connect the anode of each LED to the digital pins via a 220Ω resistor and connect the cathodes to the Arduino ground (as shown in the diagram). Now you have to setup the LEDs to control their timing and blinking sequence. You need to do a little coding for that and your own traffic light will be ready in no time. It is a really simple project and can be easily done within an hour. To build your own traffic light controller you will need:
*3 LEDs (Red, yellow, and green)
*A breadboard
*Push button switch
*Connecting wires
*Resistors (6 X 220Ω and 1 X 10k Ω)
*A Battery

3. Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners: Arduino LED VU Meter

Arduino projects for beginners: Arduino LED VU meterWe all have seen visualizers in our music system or in the music app of our smartphones and it’s kinda fun to watch the spectrum going up and down with the song. Arduino VU meter or LED visualizer is one of the very popular and fun to make projects for beginners. The LED VU meter works exactly like the one in your music system. Except for the fact that it is made by you with the help of Arduino, a breadboard, and a couple of LEDs. The Arduino LED VU meter uses some LEDs which are connected and programmed with a board. It takes audio input with a 3.5mm audio jack which means it can be easily equipped with your mobile phone or laptop. When the music is loud then the visualizer will go to its peak and more LEDs will blink and when the music is low then fewer LEDs will glow. You can see the LEDs dancing according to the music.
To build the Arduino LED VU meter you will need:
*LM386 operational amplifier
*Electret microphone condenser
*10k potentiometer
*Capacitors: 47 nF, 1uF, 10uF, 100uF, 100nF
*Resistors: 10Ω, 22k
*6 LEDs

4. Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners: Arduino Line Follower Robot

Any list of Arduino projects for beginners is incomplete without a line follower bot. Arduino line follower robot is basically a tiny bot which senses a line and follows it. The concept and working of the line follower robot is pretty simple. It uses a couple of IR sensors which detect a black or dark line on a lighter/contrasting background and sends the signal to the motors and the robot starts moving on the black line. It can also detect whether the line is shifting towards left or right and gives the respective signal to the motor which maintains the movement and keeps the robot steady on the center of the line. To get started with the Arduino line follower robot you are gonna need following components:
*Two continuous rotation servo motors
*A ball caster
*I/R sensor LEDs
*Resistors: 1K and 10K.
*Two robot wheels
*a small acrylic board

5.Cool Arduino Projects For Beginners: Water Level Indicator system

Arduino water level indicatorBefore Arduino, water level indication was done by a system in which electrodes played an important role but electrodes corrode. Also in long terms, such a contact based system can be a headache.
Water level indication can be used in water tanks where we use to manually check whether it is completely filled or not. This water level indicator uses a ping sensor. A ping sensor is used to measure distance using sonar. The output from the ping sensor is variable-width pulse corresponding to the distance of target which is fed to the microcontroller and it will determine the water level by displaying a series of LEDs. Different color for different water level.
The materials required for water level indicator system are:
*Arduino board
*PING sensor)
*10K Resistor
*16Mhz Crystal
*22pf Disc capacitors: 2Nos
*Connecting wires
*LM7805 5V regulator
*9V battery and connector
*10uF electrolytic capacitor
*PCB or breadboard
*Wire stripper

Those were some of the cool Arduino projects for beginners. If you think that your favorite project is missing from the list then tell us right away in the comment section. Follow us for more interesting projects and news on Arduino and Open Source.

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