Aukey true wireless earbuds review | Earbuds Under $40 Reviewed

true wireless earbuds review

Are the Aukey True wireless earbuds a hit or a miss for their $29.99 price point?

After discovering the quality of these wireless earbuds on sound quality, design, comfort, battery life, and durability, IAukey True wireless earbuds review have come to a conclusion. Is this Aukey product the best wireless earbuds under $40? says, “Great value for money.” The Aukey True Wireless earbuds, in my opinion,  its overall quality for the price, deserve a 4-star rating. has given the wireless earbuds 9.6 out of 10 stars from 1043 reviewers. And Amazon has given the Aukey True Wireless Earbuds 4.3 out of 5 stars from 30,790 reviewers.

In my diagnosis, The Aukey earbuds offer surprisingly good quality for $29.99, and once customers experience its sound quality and other features, they’re likely to purchase an alternative color.


Aukey true wireless earbuds review

true wireless earbuds review


Features Aukey True wireless earbuds:

  • Quality sound
  • One-step reconnection
  • Touch controls
  • Good battery life
  • Fast charging case
  • Lightweight design
  • IPX4 Waterproof


Based on an honest Aukey true wireless earbuds review, these earbuds are reasonably considerable for one of the best wireless earbuds under $40. Customers will be happy with their experience for the price; better than expected. If customers go in with the attitude of it being as impressive as the Airpods Pro, they’ll be disappointed.

If you understand the reduction of quality and the typical expectations for cheap Airpods alternatives, you will realize that you are getting more than your money’s worth.

Although limited on features, customers can enjoy a great design and durability, nice sound quality, and satisfactory Bluetooth connectivity.

true wireless earbuds review

Aukey True wireless earbuds great design (very reasonable)

  • Sleek plastic finish
  • The design of the Aukey wireless earbuds is similar to that of the Airpods Pros’.

The only noticeable difference is the color and the two visible microphones (noise cancellation and adaptive EQ mic).

The only color the Airpods Pros come in is white. The Aukey earbuds come in black, blue, pink, and white

  • Stable and comfortable ergonomic design (angle tip)
  • It fits in the ear very well but will slip out if your ears are moved often
  • The wearer may have to adjust the earbuds from time to time

Aukey True wireless earbuds durability (impressive earbud quality)

Aukey True wireless review

  • Feels like expensive high-quality earbuds
  • Made from quality plastic
  • Built and feels like premium earbuds
  • However, the charging case looks and feels cheap – has a flimsy lid


Sound quality (sounds good, but not great)

  • Includes a well-rounded sound quality for both music and video
  • Vocals shine through with ease and fit in quite well with the composition of instrumentals
  • You can hear some bass rumbles with an airtight seal
  • However, the bass isn’t superlatively powerful or deep, or even near so – typical for budget-friendly earbuds
  • Clear treble
  • You can hear some rumbling
  • It lacks some spark and detail quality
  • Very loud volume overall
  • However, it will distort at max volume – anything over 80% isn’t recommended
  • Strong in the midrange frequencies


Bluetooth connectivity (great with limitations)

  • Minimal delay while watching videos (low latency mode)
  • When your music device is nearby, the Aukey True Wireless Earbuds stays connected without interruption
  • If there is a wall intervening, there is some distortion in the sound


Benefits of the Aukey True wireless earbuds’ features

true wireless earbuds review

  • Quality sound

The Aukey True wireless earbuds offer customers up to a 13 MM diameter and MEMS microphone technology that delivers crisp high fidelity sound. Customers can experience clear phone conversations with call-noise cancellation.

Aukey’s sound quality is somewhat balanced, which allows for an enjoyable experience during music or movie time. As with pretty much every feature with the Aukey True wireless earbuds, the sound quality exceeds its worth.


  • One-step reconnection 

This has to be a favorite feature of customers. The simplicity of reconnecting to your phone is immaculate.

The process of Bluetooth phone connection includes one step and one step only: taking your earbuds out of the charging case. That’s it. Your Aukey earbuds are connected to your phone immediately after removing them from its charging case.

No time-consuming pairing process once you’ve paired your earbuds the first time.


  • Touch controls 

true wireless earbuds review

Aukey true wireless earbuds review

Manage your audio playback and calls with the touch of your finger. The Aukey True wireless earbuds include a multi-function touch panel that easily responds to your specific touch commands.

Pause play, skip scenes, accept and reject calls, increase and decrease volume, and so forth; the Aukey True wireless earbuds accommodate accordingly depending on your touch position.

The microphones located on each earbud constitute touchless control as well.


  • Good battery life


The Aukey True wireless earbuds offer customers five hours of quality sound on one charge. The charging case provides an additional six charges.

In total, the Aukey True wireless earbuds allow customers the privilege of listening to or watching their favorite songs or talking during a phone call to their friends and family for a total of 35 hours. Impressive.

This cheap pair of Airpods alternatives gives customers the comfort of worrying less about being stuck away from home or away from a receptacle outlet with a dead battery.


  • Charging case


Carry your Aukey True wireless earbuds safely wherever you go. Protect your earbuds from scrapes, scratched, cracks and splits.

This case is very compact and lightweight; you can easily fit it in your pocket with ease and comfort. When using the case for charging, the time to complete a charge is only 1.5 hours.

This amount of time is one of the quickest in the market of earbuds, especially within the catalog of the best earbuds under $40.


  • Lightweight design


The Aukey True wireless earbuds are lightweight and convenient. They are not as light as the AirPods Pros – 0.19 oz – but at just an additional .13 oz – .32 oz – customers can still experience lightweight earbud comfort.

As fans of using earbuds to listen to music, videos and to conduct phone calls, we could use a pair of lightweight, and cheap earbuds considered one of the best wireless earbuds under $40 – Aukey True wireless earbuds.


  • IPX4 Waterproof


Just like the AirPods Pro, the Aukey True wireless earbuds are IPX4 waterproof. The wearer can work out or ski while the Aukey earbuds play in the ears.

After your Aukey True wireless earbuds are in contact with liquid splashes, it continues working as usual—no worries regarding malfunctioning due to water damage from splashes on the part of the wearer. Continue business as usual.

Pros and Cons of one of the best earbuds under $40 (Aukey True wireless earbuds)

Earbuds Under $40 Reviewed


  • High-fidelity speakers. Aukey – true earbuds offer crisp sound quality
  • Its wireless connection is very stable and efficient
  • Its midrange is potent
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Short battery charge time




  • The quality of the case is low – the lid on the charging case feels a bit flimsy
  • It lacks powerful bass quality
  • It can contain a tiny driver as small as 6 mm


Customer reviews for one of the best wireless earbuds for under $40 (Aukey True wireless earbuds)

Kuno gives it 5 stars – “Once again I find myself either needing or at least seeking a use case-specific pair of speakers. In this case, it was earbuds. Earbuds I could wear daily while walking/working/etc outside regardless of the weather. And when I wear a winter hat earbuds that don’t leave me feeling like they are piercing my brain in an effort to touch tips. Which. I mean. Is just a known no-no anyway but I digress.”


Art Commerce gives it 5 stars – “These seemed like a good choice for a first try because they are reasonably priced and highly rated. I love them! They are comfortable. I get a few hours of use from each charge when connected to my phone (you can switch between them on the fly). The charger pack works fine.”


Deirdre gives it 5 stars – “These are very comfortable to wear. I can’t get the AirPods to fit in my ear properly, let alone stay in my ear. If that’s you too, give these a try..”


Mary H. gives it 4 stars – “Functionality: eh, I’m not a fan of the buttons on the earbud either way. It’s always awkward to try to press what you need. I didn’t think the controls were awesome, but I don’t think any earbud controls are awesome. Pairing worked fine and was quick. Earbuds can be used independently and there’s no interruption of you decide to put one bud away while using the other..”

Aukey true wireless earbuds review





Can I connect the Aukey True earbuds to a tablet?


Great news! The Aukey True wireless earbuds can connect to a tablet. It can also connect to a Kindle E-reader as well.


Can these earbuds fit wearers with small ear canals?


Absolutely. The silicon ear tip can adjust accordingly to the wearer for ultimate fit comfort.


Does the music pause when I take out one ear bud like Apple Airpods does?


When you take an earbud out of your ear for whatever reason, the music continues to play.


Is there a way to turn off my earbud’s touch control?


Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off touch control. However, once your Aukey True earbuds are placed in its charger case, it’s turned off completely.


Can I shower with the Aukey True wireless earbuds?


It’s IPX4 waterproof; this means your earbuds are only splashproof. Sweating is considered a splash. Showering with your Aukey True wireless earbuds may put you at risk of electrical shock.

Final Thoughts On Our Aukey true wireless earbuds review

Overall, the Aukey True wireless earbuds are considerably high quality for their price point.

The majority of Aukey wireless earbuds reviewers online suggest a great product, not only rating the earbuds 4 stars and higher, but expressing outstanding satisfaction with their experiences.

The fact that the sound quality has an excellent midrange, clear treble, and loud volume can make workouts more intense and movies more immersive.

Long battery life, durability, lightweight and great Bluetooth connection, one of the best wireless earbuds under $40, customers are in for a surprise for $29.99.


When it comes to whether these earbuds are a dud or not, the Aukey wireless earbuds review speaks for itself—great quality for the price. Get a pair; you won’t regret it. The Aukey True wireless earbuds are NOT duds.

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