The Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears Under $40

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

Earbuds are great when they fit, and annoying when they don’t. You want to listen to music and podcasts without annoying others, but it’s impossible when you can’t wear earbuds. Headphones also aren’t an option. Sometimes, you need to be discrete when you’re trying to hear your favorite tracks. So, what are the best wireless earbuds for small ears?

Millions of people have small ears that don’t fit a one-size-fits-all earbud. Most of the time they fall out of your ears, but this doesn’t mean you need a custom pair made. You can find affordable earbuds for small ears under $40, and we’ve reviewed the top 5 models.


Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

You can skip the expensive, custom-designed brands. These wireless earbuds are affordably priced, produce exceptional sound quality, and are made to fit comfortably and securely in smaller ears.


1. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 Pro Wireless Earbuds

Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears

Phone calls and music are crystal clear with the SoundLIberty 52 Pro wireless earbuds. The 6mm speaker driver enhances bass and produces clear sound across the frequencies. Your music won’t sound muffled or have an annoying tinny sound.Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

You’ll also appreciate the noise reduction technology when you’re making and answering calls. Purified voice technology, combined with the dual mic ensures your voice is heard even with background noise.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time using earbuds. You won’t have any problems with the SoundLiberty 53 Pro. As soon as you open the charging case, they start pairing with your Bluetooth device. You don’t have to push any buttons, the earbuds sync automatically.

Only want to use one earbud, no problem. Place the other one back in the charging case for single mode use.

With up to 7 hours of playtime on a single charge, these small earbuds will keep you motivated through long workouts with your favorite tunes. When you add in the charging case that holds an extra 23 hours, you get 30 hours of calls, music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Durability is important. Even though the earbuds are inexpensive, you still want them to last. The lightweight design fits easily into smaller ears, and there are four tips to work with. IPX8 rated for water resistance, go ahead and get sweaty during your workouts. It won’t damage the earbuds.





 Clear audio


 Easy pairing



 Bass can sound muted and fuzzy at higher volume levels.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 Pro



2. JLab JBuds Air Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

With auto-on and connect, JBuds Air earbuds are a breeze to use. As soon as the earbuds are out of the case, they’re ready to go in your ears.

JLab JBuds Air EarbudsThe hassle-free design lets you keep going whether you’re on a call or want to listen to music. The Bluetooth 5 connection keeps the sound going for 6 hours.

The convenient charging case gives you another 18 hours. Listen to long podcasts or epic audiobooks without running out of battery power.

You can customize the sound to your listening preferences. A small button on the side controls volume, and there are also three sound modes. Choose from Balanced and Boost modes, along with JLab Signature sound. You can hear your favorite playlists the way you want.

Cush fins help ensure a comfortable and snug fit in small ears. You don’t have to worry about the JBuds Air falling out during a run.

The IP55 sweat-resistant coating protects the earbuds from moisture damage. Keep working out with the earbuds in, no matter how strenuous the workout gets.



 Comfortable design

 Side volume control

 Bluetooth enabled

 Custom sound




 The earbuds do not come with noise-canceling technology.

JLab JBuds Air Earbuds


3. TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

The T10 earbuds are durable, pair automatically, and produce high-quality sound. They are also designed for smaller ears. You won’t have to bend and shove the earbuds in. Instead, you get a snug fit that feels comfortable in your ears.

Wireless Earbuds Under $40The 8mm drivers produce thumping bass down to 16Hz. Mid-range frequencies are rich and mellow, while treble is clear to 20kHz, You’ll hear every musical nuance, along with crisp vocals.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is automatic as soon as you open the charging case. There are no buttons to push to sync the earbuds to your phone or other mobile devices.

Along with great audio, the T10 earbuds are rated IPX8 waterproof. You don’t want to go swimming with them, but sweat and water splashes won’t damage the sensitive components.

The charging case is also waterproof. It’s one less thing you need to worry about during a workout.

You get up to six hours of continual play on a single charge. With the case, you get an additional 24 hours. Using a wireless charger it takes around 2 hours to fully charge the earbuds. It’s a little faster when you use the included USB-C cable.



 Easy pairing

 8mm drivers


 Deep bass

 Fast charging



 The built-in mic can distort your voice during calls.

Best Wireless Earbuds


4. JLab JBuds AirPlay Gaming Earbuds

JLab JBuds AirPlay Gaming Earbuds

Gamers often feel left out. Earbuds either have short battery life, poor voice quality, or the audio doesn’t keep up with the game. You won’t have these problems with the JBuds Airplay Gaming earbuds.

JLab JBuds AirPlay Gaming EarbudsEQ3 sound puts you in the game. You can hear the character’s footsteps and all of the dialogue.

Three sound modes allow you to customize the audio, and you don’t need to download an app. You can switch between the modes via the small button on the earbuds. Dual microphones with C3 Chatting technology ensure your voice is crystal clear. One mic picks up your vocals, while the other works to cancel outside noise.

Where these earbuds stand out is with cloud gaming. It’s what the Airplay gaming earbuds were designed for. You can play your favorite games like Call of Duty from your phone or another mobile device without any audio lag.

Battery life is exceptional. The earbuds will keep going for up to 6 hours on a full charge. You get an extra 24 hours from the small charging case. With up to 30 hours of playtime, you can enjoy an epic gaming marathon.



 EQ3 sound

 Cloud gaming

 Long battery life

 C3 chatting

 Comfortable fit



 Cloud gaming only works with mobile devices and not with traditional gaming consoles.

JLab JBuds AirPlay Gaming Earbuds


5. TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

When you’re looking at earbuds for small ears, the T6 from TOZO is worth taking a look at. The small black earbuds are comfortable to wear for hours, and you’ll love the included features.

Whether you’re listening to music or making calls, these earbuds have a function that can improve your experience.

You get smart touch control for calls and other listening activities. You can pause your audiobook or music to answer calls, and with the press of a button play the track after ending the call. A double-tap skips ahead or goes back. When you hold the small button down you can adjust the volume.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

Add in automatic Bluetooth pairing, and you have a pair of earbuds that are easy and convenient to use.

Nano-coating on the charging case and earbuds give you IPX8 water protection. You don’t want to dive into the pool with the earbuds in, but the coating does make it safe to clean them with soap and water.

Using the USB cable you can recharge the earbuds in 55 minutes, it takes around two hours with a wireless charger. With 6 hours of playtime, along with an extra 24 hours from the charging case, these earbuds can keep going all day.



 Fast charging time


 Smart touch control

 Bluetooth 5.0

 Automatic pairing



 Lower frequencies can sound distorted at higher volume levels.

Best Wireless Earbuds


What to Look For In Earbuds for Small Ears

Your small ears are cute and you don’t have to worry about what they’ll look like as you grow older. You’re one of the few that won’t have protruding ears in your later years. It’s a bonus, but it doesn’t help find a pair that fit.

You can look at child sizes, but you’re missing out on the advanced technology. Another option is to try and make a larger pair fit. Either option isn’t the best choice. You won’t be happy with the results.

The best option is to find a pair of earbuds for small ears, but how do you know which ones are right for you? Here’s what you want to consider before buying affordable earbuds for smaller-sized ears.



Earbuds come with different functions depending on the manufacturer. Since you can rarely open the packaging to test out a specific model, the next best thing is to check the product specifications.

  • Impedance measures the opposition the circuit gives to the electrical current when the voltage is flowing.

Ideally, you want the impedance to match at the power source and in the earbuds. You get maximum power and sound quality when the two sources are evenly matched.

  • Sensitivity is similar to volume. The difference is how the audio sounds when you crank the volume up. You may like listening to booming bass turned up all the way, but it can damage your ears.

Sensitivity is measured by the level of pressure the sound produces. You can find small-sized earbuds with high sensitivity ratings, but it’s best to stay within the mid-range.

  • Frequency response is listed in hertz (Hz). It measures the frequency ranges the earbuds can produce. Bass lovers want to look for small earbuds with lower frequencies.

If you plan on listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and making plenty of calls, you want a pair that has a mid-range frequency response.

Higher frequencies will ensure the treble you love is sharp and clear. Choosing the frequency response depends on what you listen to and how you plan to use the earbuds.

  • Drivers are important. Without them, the earbuds won’t produce sound.

For optimal sound quality, you want to choose earbuds with larger drivers. It can also improve overall clarity across the frequencies. You’ll hear clear bass, treble, and mid-range notes. Larger drivers can also boost vocal clarity.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears

Find the Right Fit

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It can be hard finding earbuds for small ears. Often manufacturers go from child sizes straight to adult, forgetting that everyone doesn’t have the same size ears.

How the earbuds fit is important for multiple reasons. Comfort is one, along with audio clarity. You also can’t make larger earbuds fit in smaller ears. You can damage the internal components, along with your ear.

How the earbuds are designed, along with the shape and size of your ear determines the best fit. Most manufacturers offer earbud tips in varying sizes.

You may have to try a few to find the perfect fit, but it’s better than dealing with a pair that won’t stay in your ears. Look for earbuds with soft foam or rubber tips.

Plastic tips are hard and can scratch sensitive ear canals. You also want to look for tips that nestle inside your ear.


Additional Features

How the earbuds fit inside your small ears is important, but you want more. Earbuds can come with a surprising number of features that you may want to consider.

For example, if you’re using the earbuds for workouts water resistance is something you want. If the earbuds are for music, audio quality is important.

  • Noise-canceling technology blocks out all external noise. You can clearly hear phone conversations, music, and anything else you’re listening to.

The downside is, you won’t hear if someone comes up behind you. It can be startling when you get a sudden tap on the shoulder. If you make a lot of business calls, the feature is one you may need.

  • Sound isolation technology is different than blocking out external noise. It’s ideal for gamers or when you’re listening to music on a crowded bus or the subway.

The technology isolates the audio from the earbuds, so you can hear more clearly while staying safe and aware.

  • Water-resistance is a handy feature that protects the earbuds. You can safely wear the earbuds during sweaty workouts without damaging the internal drivers.

Water-proof earbuds are a step up. You can’t dive into a pool, but you can clean the earbuds with soap and water.

  • Bluetooth connectivity is a feature you want to have. The earbuds connect automatically to your Bluetooth-enabled devices. It’s quick and easy, and you don’t have to pay a lot for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for small ears.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Small Ears

Even though the fit is the most important consideration, it’s nice when your earbuds also come with the features you need.


FAQs About Earbuds for Small Ears

Do you still have questions about earbuds for your small ears?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with the answers.

Do they make earbuds for small ears?

The answer to this question is yes. You can find earbuds for small ears, and it’s easier than you think. Along with being able to choose from various tip sizes, some manufacturers have designed the buds specifically for smaller ears.

What you don’t want to do is try and make a large pair of earbuds fit in your small ears. It’s uncomfortable to wear, even for short periods. You also won’t hear everything produced by the tiny internal drivers.

Are my ears too small for earbuds?

Your ears aren’t too small for earbuds, but you may want to give them a good cleaning. If you’re having problems finding small earbuds that fit, it may be due to earwax buildup. It sounds gross, and it is, but earwax does build up in your inner ear canal making it hard to find a pair of earbuds that fit comfortably.

Try giving your ears a good cleaning. You can find over-the-counter products designed specifically for waxy buildup. These products are safe to use. You can also use a Q-tip, but be careful you don’t go too deep. You can damage your eardrum. Once, the wax is removed, it’s easier to find a pair of earbuds that fit your small ears.

How do you wear earbuds with small ears?

Sometimes, even the right-sized earbuds don’t fit in your ears. After removing any earwax, try inserting them a little more carefully.

Gently stretch your earlobe open with one hand. It will help expand the ear canal. Use your other hand to carefully insert the earbud. When it’s in, slowly release your ear so it forms around the earbud creating a tight seal. Repeat the steps with your other ear. After a time, the earbud will shape to your ear and it will be easier to get them in.

What are the smallest Bluetooth earbuds?

The smallest Bluetooth earbuds are the TOZO T10. The tiny stereo earpieces are the smallest on the market at 1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 in. The T10 earpieces come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and automatically sync as soon as you take them out of the charging case.

How do I know if I need earbuds for small ears?

You can measure the size of your ear opening, but it’s a little extreme. If you are having problems finding a pair of earbuds that fit, it may be due to your ear size. Unless you specify the size of the earbud tip, you’ll probably end up with an average-sized one. If you have small ears, the tip won’t fit. You’ll spend more time putting it back in your ear than listening to music.

Look for smaller-sized tips. It should fit perfectly, so you can get back to enjoying the music and podcasts you love.


Why You Want The Best-Fitting EarBuds For Your Small Ears

You’re wearing earbuds for a reason. You want to hear your music, movies, games, audiobooks, podcasts, and calls. You do a lot with your earbuds, so doesn’t it make sense that you want a pair that fits your small ears? Otherwise, you should be wearing a set of headphones. You don’t have to worry about ear size, only the weight of the headset.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Small EarsWhen your earbuds fit your ears, it feels great. Your ears aren’t irritated and you don’t have to worry about damaging your sensitive ear canal. It can easily scratch the delicate skin, and the only remedy is giving your ears time to heal. While it’s healing, you can’t wear earbuds even if you have a pair that fits perfectly.

Audio quality is something else that suffers when your earbuds don’t fit. It’s not only when the earbuds fall out, you are still losing sound with an ill-fitting pair. You get an immersive audio experience when the earbuds have a tight seal. Bass is richer, along with the other ranges. You also won’t be distracted by external noise, even if the cancelation feature wasn’t included with the earbuds.



You don’t have to give up on wearing earbuds just because you have small ears. You can find several brands that cater to consumers with smaller ears. It may take a little trial and error, but it’s worth it when you find a pair that are comfortable and don’t fall out.

Gamers can even find earbuds that fit them and ensure the audio keeps up with their fast-paced games.

Whether you are looking for earbuds to answer calls on the go or listen to music during your workouts, you’ll find a pair designed with your needs in mind. You don’t have to let your small ear size dictate whether or not you can comfortably wear a pair of earbuds.

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