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Qualcomm will soon begin its Free Fire Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire in India. The president of Qualcomm and SARRC, India, Rajen Vagadia, has given reasons the tournament will take place in India.

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Qualcomm will soon begin its Free Fire Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire in India. The president of Qualcomm and SARRC, India, Rajen Vagadia, has given reasons the tournament will take place in India.

He explained that India is positioned for mobile gaming and a mobile-first country. Rajen Vagadia made this known to indianexpress.com through a phone call. As Garera Free Fire is the most popular mobile game currently, the first season of snapdragon conquest will be focused on it.

The president of Qualcomm said that the smartphone market is growing rapidly, and will continue to grow more than the others. He further said that the Indian gaming community is the third-largest all over the world with more than 350 million players. “…the gaming industry is expected to grow to over half a billion in the next two to three years,” he said.

Prize Money and Duration of Free Fire Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest

Qualcomm contest will last for three months and a total prize of RS 50,000,000 will be distributed among contestants. All Indian residents above the age of 12 can partake in the tournament, if they have a Free Fire account above level 10.

Players who want to partake in the tournament and are eligible can register on the tournament’s website in a squad of four players. No registration fee is required.

The event will be occurring each season because it is a popular seasonal one. Organizers of the sporting event are currently accepting registrations from all interested participants and will soon commence the tournament.

Mobile gaming such as candy crush was embraced among users of smartphones. Later, Free Fire and others joined the trend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were sitting at home and this contributed to the increase in the number of mobile gamers.

“Through conquest, we are creating a sort of community, a social community, and I call it a social competition in some sense. This community is challenging based on the skills and in the process, we get a deeper understanding of the gaming requirements of the community, ” Rajen Vagadia said.

Vagadia further said that Qualcomm wants to deliver excellent features that will align with what consumers in India and the global market are expecting. He said this kind of tournament will enable them to get a better understanding of what players require in the aspect of performance. Besides, gamers will get the right platforms and solutions for the best experience.

“There will be no restrictions for players,” Vagadia said. He explained that the conquest will be platform neutral and everyone will be open to show their skills. “Only the gamers will keep changing during each season so that everybody gets an opportunity,” he said.

Like other e-sports tournaments, each year will consist of three to four seasons. “Garera Free Fire was chosen this time because of the width, visibility, and adaptability of the game across all the platforms,” Vagadia said.

It has been affirmed that the Snapdragon contest will be held online and cheaters will try to play smart to win prizes. To prevent this from happening, Qualcomm will be working with Garera to make sure cheaters won’t be able to perform any dubious activities. Anti-cheat layers will be implemented inside the game. Devices used to play the games and device data will be going through moderators. Any contestant discovered to be using an emulator will be immediately disqualified.

When asked that most players across India are using different devices, how would low-end smartphone users not be at a disadvantage? Vagadia replied that a device can do so much.

He said it is going to be at a disadvantage because all participants start from zero, but since the game has begun for a long time, players have practiced and understand it. Vagadia further explained that smartphones in India are well balanced and not skewed.

About special categories for women and specially-abled individuals, Vagadia said the Conquest will run for a long time in India and all over the World. And since the tournament is democratized, having special categories that everyone cannot participate is not the major aim. Vagadia noted that if the platform grows, all the necessary categories will be included.

Vagadia was enquired about what Indian gamers want from their smartphones. He said that gamers want everything such as a good processor, good connectivity, and good battery life. He added that gamers need smartphones with a good display resolution, faster touch resolution, and other features that will enhance their experience while playing the game.

“Gaming is a very intense task and requires a lot of device resources than most other tasks as it requires refreshing the streams very quickly.” The president of Qualcomm stated. He stated that rendering the animations, depth, and colors requires huge amounts of resources which are being exhausted on the phones. “This is an area that Qualcomm is focusing on,” Vagadia said.

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