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huawei the chinese giant is struggling for market share

Huawei, Chinese telecom giant, is struggling to save its falling market share and to tackle U.S. sanctions

Huawei, Chinese telecom giant, is struggling to save its falling market share and to tackle U.S. sanctions which was put in place to get rid of its access to semiconductors but can continue to render services to European 5G network clients. This was revealed by a senior European executive to an Austrian newspaper.

Huawei sees the falling market share:

It’s surprising that Huawei, the world’s biggest maker of mobile telecommunications smartphones and equipments, could not provide a solution to assist millions of phone users after Google’s inability to provide technical support for new Huawei phone models with the use of mobile operating system, Android.

Abraham Liu, Huawei’s vice president for Europe, told the Kurier paper that since the U.S. sanctions occurred last year, manufacturers of semiconductors have been prevented from supplying the Company. “Our U.S. partners can no longer work with us. Since August, it has become even more difficult.” He said.

Liu continued his speech by saying that, Washington was extorting chipmakers to avoid forming a relationship with Huawei which denies U.S. allegations that the Company equipment could be used for spying by Beijing.

“We are confident that we can continually serve our European customers in the 5G sector because of several preparations and upfront investment with the most advanced technology.” Liu said.

Huawei Vice President speaks about controlling falling market share:

The Huawei vice president continued that the company foresee great difficulties for private customers, and cell phone owners. He revealed that there are ninety million European Huawei users and as Google is restricted from working with Huawei, this means it would be impossible for Google to publish updates for Huawei smartphones with Android operating system. “We are still seeking a solution.” Liu confessed.

As there is pressure on the Chinese firms, to exclude them from supplying key telecoms equipment by the U.S., Proximus and Orange chose Nokia to assist in building 5G networks in Belgium.

Members of the European Union have been stepping up their investigation of high-risk vendors. Huawei’s technology and governance is subjected to critical examination and this might make other European operators to remove it from their networks, according to an analyst.

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