Introduction To Arduino: Build Your Own Robot

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There is nothing which can stop you from learning something. If you keep faith in hard work and always be ready to learn, then all you need is an internet connection.

If you want to build your own robot but don’t know how to build one then you are at the right page. Believe me, building your first bot is not as difficult as it sounds. Even you with zero experience can easily get it done with the help of Arduino.

What is Arduino?

arduino logoArduino is basically an open source hardware and software microcontroller platform which is very easy to use. A worldwide community of Artists, Programmers, Students, and professionals have contributed a massive amount of knowledge and research which is helpful for both experts and beginners.
With the help of such a large community, Arduino boards started to evolve from the simple 8-bit boards to the products for complex gadgets like wearables, 3D printers etc.

Due to its simple user experience, Arduino is been used in thousands of projects and applications. The software is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows and used by Teachers and students to build science projects, Architectures to create interactive prototypes, and musicians use it to experiment with new instruments.
Arduino boards are also commercially available in preassembled and do it yourself kits.

Arduino is preferred for most of the electronic and robotics projects because it is:

Low-Cost: The Arduino boards and microcontrollers are relatively less expensive in comparison to other platforms. The least priced Arduino module can be assembled by hand. Also, the pre-assembled module costs less than $50.

Cross-Platform software availability: The IDE is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, unlike other microcontroller platforms which are mostly limited to windows only.

Open Source Hardware and Software: Arduino hardware and software are Open source so they can be easily modified and improved by experienced Circuit designers and programmers.
The boards are published under a creative common license so the experienced circuit designers can make their own module or improve it.
Similarly, the language for the Arduino software can be expanded through c++ libraries and the experienced programmers can modify or change it.

Prerequisites to build your own robot

Arduino robot

This is all that you need before learning to build your own robot.
As I said earlier, if you have courage, curiosity and strong determination to learn something then all you need is an internet connection.
Ultimately you will need to know about handling some of the basic power tools, a voltage meter, and a soldering iron. But don’t panic if you are not yet experienced in these areas because experience starts from zero.
So, before you get the console for controlling everything around you, you will need to program your board by setting up the software. The Arduino software or the IDE will allow you to write codes and upload them to your board. In the IDE page you are going to find two options:

1. Online IDE: If you rely on your internet connection and consider it to be good enough then you can use the Arduino Web Editor. It allows one to save the sketches in the cloud. It will be available on any device plus backed up for future requirements. To use online IDE simply follow these instructions. Remember the boards work out-of-the-box on the web editor, there is no need to install anything.

2. Desktop IDE: If you prefer to work offline then you can use this software and can keep updating it to the latest version of the desktop IDE.

I will prefer you to work online because it has many advantages over the offline software. Your work will be accessible from any device and also there is no need to keep an eye on getting the latest version of the software because it will be automatically available to you.

The only difference you are going to feel after you build your first Arduino robotics project is that you might put a nut in the wrong hole or end up with an ugly bot. You don’t need to worry about this at the very beginning of your Arduino learning. But as you start, Use that experience to rectify your mistakes. Improve the performance as well as looks of your bot. Then only you can call yourself to be an experienced robot builder.

Arduino projects will later include dealing with various types of sensors, LEDs, home automation and various other projects. Once you begin, later you will surely learn some cool and interesting stuff out of it and you will eventually know:  How to build your own robot?

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