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iphone 12 flip launch plans

It seems every smartphone manufacturer dream of producing a foldable mobile phone. It seems Apple is aggressively working on this plan. The technology company has revealed they are working towards creating a foldable mobile device and some people call it iPhone flip.

Unlike other devices, folding displays can be challenging for the tech Industry. AppleInsider revealed that while trying to develop a folding phone, two factors must be given consideration. Customer satisfaction is the first and loss due to broken phones is the second.

Apple is working on a carefully engineered solution that will enable central folding section bends. As a result of this, the phone’s display will not get damaged.

This is not an actual image. This is just a representation of the design for iPhone 12 flip .

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the necessary information about the iPhone 12 flip foldable phone plan. As you read it through, we hope you’ll gain a clearer picture of what this iPhone entails.

Before we move further, we need to let you know the latest information about the iPhone Flip.

1. Some experts believe that this iPhone flip will be launched in 2022.

2. Taiwanese media report claims that iPhone flip devices are still being tested at Foxconn Taiwan, which implies it might be released soon.

How would the foldable iPhone flip look like?

There is no certain answer to this question yet, but fortunately, Apple has provided some basic clues.

Apple patent revealed that they have got a patent for a foldable design. This design allows the screen to fold or bend in the middle without any damage. The screen of the device will bow out inside the screen that will create a slow curve.

Image credit to Patently Apple

What most customers want is the durability of the display, and there’s an assurance the design will provide that.

Information about the joined operation model was received in the month of March 2020. In simple terms, the single screen will be supported by another secondary display.

So, independent devices will join to form a single shared space, which is entirely different from the singular foldable panel plan.

“Its folds are closed but leave a small strip at the bottom exposed for easy access to notifications and basic information. This can be compared to a miniature Touch Bar”

Jon Prosser revealed on Twitter that Apple’s foldable iPhone design has two separate display panels on a hinge.

Although, not the final design, the current prototype is described as having round edges like the current iPhone 11. This is contrary to the anticipated squared-off edges we’ve been looking forward to. According to Prosser, there’s no space for the front camera. Probably, the sensor for Face ID will be placed on the outer display.

Another patent we saw in an image of how the iPhone flip will look revealed a similar design like that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Just like the design of this device, it has one display that’s longer than the other. This means that when the device is folded shut, you can still see your notification to one edge.

Apple’s foldable mobile might also have a layer on top of the screen to prevent cracks. And also, it will be able to fill in small existing cracks to prevent damage.

Foldable iPhone flip Release Date and Price

As of now, there is no specific date set for the release of this device. There have been rumors about patents and leaks, like the one disclosed by Jon Prosser about the current prototype.

He suggested that Apple is probably still working on the device. One major thing Prosser mentioned in his statement was that the tech company was working on a foldable device, but would not release it this year.

Surprisingly, the next iPhone launch is scheduled for September 2021. Apple disclosed that the iPhone flip would not be released before the iPhone 13 is launched.

Sadly, Digitimes suggest the iPhone will not arrive until 2022, which implies users will have to wait until another iPhone is launched. There’s an iota of truth in the information because if Apple planned on introducing a foldable phone anytime soon, there would be signs as of now.

That’s an indication we would have to wait for at least two years before the Apple iPhone foldable arrives.

Jon Prosser asserted on Twitter that the device Apple is targeting is a dual-displayed, traditional foldable, without a flexible screen. This design is less expensive and complicated compared to the Galaxy Fold.

It would be impossible for Apple to produce this type of device in a hurry.

Recently, there’s a rumor that the device is being tested at Foxconn, meaning it wouldn’t be difficult to launch. These are just rumors and nothing to bank on. Apple has all the information we need since we Know nothing about how they test and experiment with their devices.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much the foldable device is set to cost upon release into the market. We can only estimate based on the other foldable phones which cost more than $1000, and €1000. Don’t expect it to be lesser upon its first time of release.

What Should you Look Out For?

Certain things are still hidden from us pertaining the Apple’s foldable iPhone plans. But we know the decision Apple takes as regards its first foldable phone will play a great role in the industry.

As we know, Samsung was the first to release a foldable device with their Galaxy Fold, the tech company is still working on users’ wants and need. Apple has a record of making several changes in the mobile market with each release.

From the elimination of bezels, abandonment of the headphone jack, and the adoption of the notch that was replaced by the iPhone.

There’s a possibility the device will come with 5G, even though 5G mobile devices have been released previously. We all look forward to the release of the iPhone. One thing is certain, Apple always develops the best every time new devices arrive.

So, we expect the Apple iPhone flip to meet the expectation of users around the world.

People are excited and so are we. Someone posted a 3D movie representation of the iPhone 12 flip.

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