Introduction To Linux: Everything You Need To Know


Linux is one of the biggest and most used Open Source Operating System which is around since the mid-’90s. From our home appliances to smartphones, cars, and supercomputers, almost everything runs on Linux. It is one of the most secured, reliable and supported operating systems.
For those who don’t know much about it, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Linux?

It is just another operating system like Windows and Mac OS. An OS is a software which runs all the applications and programs and it is the link between hardware and software. Operating system manages the communication between software and hardware. In some of the ways, Linux is similar to other operating systems. It also has a variety of software that you might’ve used before on your other operating system. Maybe the developer has also created a version of the same application to run on it.

Some of the common windows and Ubuntu applications are:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • VLC Player etc.

How It differs from other operating Systems?

Ubuntu Linux

  • Well, to answer that I will begin with, Linux is an Open Source Software. That means, its source code is freely available for modification and improvement by skilled users who have the knowledge of some programming language. Linux is very customizable and not only applications, but user interface components and core processes can also be modified. It can also coexist with your current Operating System on the same computer. The most popular version of Linux distribution is Ubuntu. It is used by most of the Linux PC users and even the automated google cars run on a modified version of Ubuntu.
  • It Can also be used for troubleshooting a PC. Even if your computer runs windows or any other OS and it is malfunctioning or won’t boot, you can still grab all your important files out of your hard disk. All you need to do is install Linux on a CD and boot into the system using it and there you go, you get all of your data in no time. Also, a bit of Linux knowledge can turn anyone into a pro troubleshooting expert.
  • It can be used to revive an old PC. You can install Ubuntu in a computer with dated hardware and it will start working like charm. Now, you might not be able to do all the stuff that you used to do with your old and powerful windows OS but still, It’s good to have it in working condition than throwing it in a corner of your home.
  • With a little knowledge about Linux and an average computer, you can automate almost everything in your home. You can control lights, air conditioner etc. using your smartphone, you can automate your garage door or you can use Siri to do that. Of course, that’ll require more than the basics of Linux and programming but still it’s way cooler to live that way.
  • Linux is also used to build online servers for websites and cloud storage.
  • Even android smartphones use Linux as their Kernel. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can use the apps and programs which are made for proper Linux PC OS on your android smartphone or vice versa. In its simplest sense, Kernel is the core of an OS which controls everything in the system. The kernel is solely responsible for communication between software and hardware.

Why Should I Use Linux?

Ubuntu desktop

  • Linux is more secure.

It can be the main reason of why you should you choose Linux. It is one of the most used open source software and it is supported by large groups of programmers and developer organizations. That’s why you won’t find a hole in its security. For a user like me who uses his PC basically for movies, songs, and blogging, Ubuntu is the best option but if you are more of a gamer and a hardcore PC user then you should better stick with windows.

  • It is free of cost.

Unlike windows, Ubuntu is free of cost. It can be downloaded for free from the official website. And if you have some knowledge about the programming language then you can also edit and improve the OS according to your needs as its source code is openly available.

  • Wide compatibility

If you use Ubuntu, you don’t need to worry about your PC being up to date in terms of hardware. Ubuntu can easily run on a dated hardware and it will still work like butter. It is a very lightweight operating system and also has wide compatibility.

  • It offers a variety of tools and services.

After installing Linux, you are just a click away from thousands of free tools and programs. Especially for programmers, Linux is a boon.

  • Drivers are already included

Several times after installing windows on your PC you might have seen your display configured in a weird resolution or the speakers might not work because of the missing device drivers. A device driver is a program which controls a specific device connected to the computer. In Ubuntu, most of the device drivers are already installed. It also saves time that way.

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