What Is LiquidSky? Everything You Need To Know

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Gone are the days when you used to rely on a powerful rig to get all your stuff like gaming, media editing, and production done. Now a new company, LiquidSky is all set to break that traditional chain by setting up new standards for cloud computing.

We all know a few people around who are obsessed with gaming but they simply cannot because their old junky PC can’t handle all that fps and texturing.
Sadly, I am also the proud owner of a piece of junk which barely can handle CS:GO on medium settings, and spending whopping dollars on building a Top notch gaming PC is way out of my financial limits.But what if I tell you that you won’t need a powerful gaming machine anymore to play your favorite titles?
Yeah, you heard me right. Now, you don’t need to upgrade your old desktop to get extra oomph for playing Grand theft auto 5 on high settings.

Announced this year at CES 2017, LiquidSky is a cloud gaming service which gives you access to a powerful SkyComputer which you can use to stream your favorite titles on not only your old PC but also on your Mac, Android iOS smartphones.
The company is pushing the whole idea of media streaming from just videos and movies to a complete gaming PC environment that can be accessed across devices running on different platforms.With the idea of cross platform compatibility, LiquidSky challenges the limits of a professional gaming PC or console and takes your gaming experience outside your living room.

Let’s see what are the system requirements, Pricing, and how exactly it works.

What Is LiquidSky?

liquidsky logoLiquidSky is a cloud gaming service which gives you access to one of the powerful SkyComputers which you can use to download and stream high-end PC games at 1080p and 60+ fps with its Elite subscription. It lets you download and play games through Steam, Origin, Blizzard or any other service which is usually available for PC. Soon, it will be upgraded to support DirectX 12 games via windows store.

LiquidSky was already running in beta for months and after 1.1 million beta users, It is now properly announced along with a bunch of new features and also a FREE! option.
LiquidSky says that with the free option, you can run most of the games at 1080p/30 fps.

Unlike PlayStation Now, LiquidSky gives you a complete virtual PC completed with cloud storage to download and store your games from services like Steam, Origin, Blizzard etc. The storage you get depends upon the Plan you are paying for or watching ads. The options are ranging from 100GB to 1TB.

How Does It Work?

how does liquidsky works?LiquidSky is powered by some impressive tech. It consists of 13 data centers located around the world
which create a full virtual PC environment using enterprise-grade servers and tech.

Since responsiveness has always been an issue with streaming services, the company is offering extremely low latency as well as 100Mbps of upload and 10Gbps of download speed.
It uses McLoughlin’s h264 algorithm along with a custom Nvidia driver and a custom built hypervisor.

With all that firepower inside, the system is capable of running the newest and heaviest of the games at ultra settings without a glitch.
Even if on the user’s side the configuration is as simple as a quad-core processor and an integrated GPU, with the help of LiquidSky, one can easily run the latest titles across multiple devices at ultra settings.

The company claims that its servers can respond in 30ms. Obviously, that also depends upon your internet speed.
If you are a hardcore gamer then you must have come across the term ‘Ping’. Have you ever wondered what the ping is? what does it depend on?

Ping is nothing but the time lag that the server takes to respond. Your ping can depend up on many factors. It majorly depends on your server speed and your internet connection. It also depends a little on your location, but with a good ISP that won’t be a problem.
A ping under 80 is considered good for most of the multiplayer games. But the lower your ping is, the better your experience will be.

What About The Pricing?

liquidsky pricingWell as you have already guessed by now that all of these services come with a price tag on ’em. But here is the kicker, You can also use the LiquidSky and get your virtual PC for free of cost. Yes, there’s also a free plan for those enthusiasts who want everything for free and does not have a problem with ads. However, the paid plans are starting at $9.99 which gives you access to 4800 SkyCredits.

Since you are wondering, SkyCredits are the virtual currency that can be redeemed for your gaming time on your SkyComputer. You can earn more SkyCredits by watching ads or you can pay to get even more with their efficient subscription plans.
4800 SkyCredits equates up to 80 hours of gameplay.
According to the company, watching 6 minutes of advertisements gives you access to enough SkyCredits to play for an hour.Always remember to end your session by logging off your LiquidSky account and shutting down your virtual PC after you done gaming.

Liquidsky packages

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

The minimum requirements for running the LiquidSky app on a

Windows PC

  • Windows 7 and above versions
  • 2GB RAM
  • 250MB HDD storage
  • Integrated Graphics

For Android Smartphones / Tablets

  • Android 6.0 marshmallow and above
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30 MB onboard storage
  • Recommended controller
  • LiquidSky apk file

For Mac

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks and above
  • 4GB RAM
  • 250MB storage

Connection recommendations for uninterrupted streaming are 15 to 20 Mbps over Ethernet, 4G mobile network, or a 5GHz WiFi.
While streaming on a smartphone, a connection speed of 5Mbps will be sufficient for a glitch-free gaming experience.


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