A Malware is Infecting Apple Macs

mac virus infection

As per a CNN report, there are more than 30,000 Macs infected with malicious malware across the globe. New malware is infecting Apple macs in most of the countries in the world.

This malware was reported first by Red Canary, a security firm.

The mystery with this malware is that no one knows what it will target on the Macs. This malware is named Silver Sparrow.

Malware is Infecting Apple Macs

Tony Lambert, Red Canary’s intelligence analyst said that Silver Sparrow does not “exhibit the behaviors that we’ve come to expect from the usual adware that so often targets macOS systems.”

How does Silver Sparrow malware work?

There is no certain explanation of how this malware works or what part of the system it will target. It is just there with a self-destructive capacity.

Anyhow, what we know until now is that it contains natively running codes. It is seen only on the new M1 chip that Apple released last year.

A researcher from the news site Ars Technica said

“Though we haven’t observed Silver Sparrow delivering additional malicious payloads yet, its forward-looking M1 chip compatibility, global reach, relatively high infection rate, and operational maturity suggest Silver Sparrow is a reasonably serious threat,”

The malware infecting Apple Macs stays in the computer and as per its codes that were studied by the researchers, it will act only once it gets the new commands from its operator(s). But, there was no command sent until the mentioned research was conducted.

What is the reach of Silver Sparrow?

As per the information available, this mysterious malware has infected more than 30,000 Macs across 153 nations. Thus it is a global threat.

The majority of these Macs are from the US, UK and Canada.

Is it a failed attempt?

As mentioned above the malware will act only if it gets the next command from it’s operators. And, during the research there were no new commands. Does that mean that it will never act?

It is difficult to say anything at this moment. We only have the window of the research period that tells us that no new command was given. But, there is no certainity that new commands will not be given or this is a failed or dead malware.

So you need to be cautious.

As per the page published by ars Technica

“Once installed, Silver Sparrow, searches for the URL the installer package was downloaded from, most likely so the malware operators will know which distribution channels are most successful. In that regard, Silver Sparrow resembles previously seen macOS adware. It remains unclear precisely how or where the malware is being distributed or how it gets installed. The URL check, though, suggests that malicious search results may be at least one distribution channel, in which case, the installers would likely pose as legitimate apps.”

In December last year, the world woke up to a new threat named Adrozek. It seems that while the world was in quarantine due to corona, the hackers had ample time to plan new attacks.

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