New Blended Solar Cells With Increased Efficiency and Electricity Generation

blended solar cells

A new blended solar cells with increased power efficiencies and electricity generation has been created by researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan. To create the cells, Several polymer and molecular semiconductors were used as photo absorbers.

Solar cells, also known as organic photovoltaics (OPV), are devices that produce electricity when light reflects on their photo absorbers. To determine the effectiveness of a solar cell, the amount of electricity it generates is compared to the amount of light incident upon the cell.

We call this phenomenon as photon harvest. An efficient solar cell will be cost-effective and suitable for general use.

New blended solar cells better than normal solar cells?

Researchers at the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering included a small fraction of compounds that take in long wavelengths of light.

This led to an organic photovoltaic (OPV), that was 1.5 times more effective than the particular version excluding the compound. It was revealed by the group that the distribution of the materials is essential to how power is generated perfectly.

new blended solar cells results

Itaru Osaka, the author of the paper, published in Macromolecules. He said that he aims to create the state of the art solar cells.

“Our next step is to develop better semiconducting polymers as the best material for this type of OPV and better sensitizer materials that can absorb more protons in the longer wavelength region,” Osaka said.

He further stated that this action would result in the realization of the world’s highest efficiency in OPV cells.

This technological advancement in solar cells might bring about a revolution in the way we pursue solar energy today.

How will this bring about a revolution?

As per the Paris agreement, all the developed and developing nations have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions. And solar energy is the major source of renewable and clean energy.

These new blended solar cells can improve the efficacy of solar energy production by double. This means that nations can generate double energy in the same cost that they are investing today.

And low cost energy can easily compete with the highly polluting coal energy.

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