Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games

nintendo acquires next level games

Nintendo acquired Monolith Soft of Xenoblade Chronicles in 2007. And after such a long period of time, they have now acquired the developer of Luigi’s mansion3. This is a Canadian company called Next Level Games.

Next level games have been developing for Nintendo for a long period of time. They have been working on IP exclusive license for last many years. They have crafted many titles for Nintendo’s second level of intelectual property. mario Strikers series is the best example.

They had also worked on the Metroid Prime and Luigi Mansion.

Other big companies have been doing this type of acquisition for a long and on regular basis. But, this Nintendo has realized the potential of resources outside the company recently.

As we all know that Luigi Mansion 3 was a huge success. They sold around 8.5 million copies after the launch.

In their official release, they said:

“a number of owner-directors recently determined that the time is right to sell their shares, and Next Level Games, therefore, began exploring potential sale transactions.”

Nintendo will be acquiring 100% shares. Although, the price for this acquisition has not been disclosed yet.

But Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games Inc tweeted that

“The price is undisclosed but the Nikkei here in Japan is reporting it is “in the billions of yen” (1 billion yen is US$9.73 million).”

It will be interesting to know how much really has Nintendo paid for this acquisition.

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