Nintendo Switch Rechargeable Controllers

Nintendo Switch Rechargeable Controllers
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If you are familiar with Nintendo Switch rechargeable controllers, you’ll know their features are excellent. Game lovers understand the impact of having a firm grip on controllers, navigation, and durable power. Nintendo provides these things and more with their rechargeable controllers.

To enjoy the benefits of Nintendo switch rechargeable controllers, you need to know and have them around.

There are several options you can choose from with different advantages. In this article, we have compiled a list of these controllers to help you choose the ones that satisfy your need.

Nintendo Pro controller

First, we’ll be discussing the Nintendo Pro controller. It feels great when you hold it and also has a perfect weight. Its features include a NFC scanning that enables you to use your favorite Amiibo while handling the controller. Another feature is the D-pad that provides perfect control for you while playing a 2D game and more.

Besides, you can use the motion control and the HD rumble that comes with the consoles. The pro-control has a USB C and USB A which and are rechargeable. Finally, the charging speed is top-notch.

Power A Enhanced wireless

Next is the Power A Enhanced wireless. This particular control is the most beautiful wireless switch with several colors and themes. It is not as perfect as the pro controller, but have great features.

The features of the power A Enhanced wireless controller includes Bluetooth and two AA batteries. You can also play games for up to 30 hours without worrying about battery life. The controller has lightweight which makes it feel good when you hold it.

Power A wireless controller

We’ll now talk about Power A wireless controller. If you like the GameCube, this is a great option for you. Fortunately, the shoulder buttons and D-pad have been enlarged making the controller convenient to use. And also, some extra buttons have been added which implies the functions of the switch are complete.

The power A wireless control uses Bluetooth, two AA batteries, and can work for at least 30 hours.

Hori Battle pad

Let’s discuss the Hori Battle pad. This controller is similar to the Gamecube style. Its features include a 10- foot cable to give you the space to move around while playing. Also, the D-pad is now bigger and extra buttons have been added to improve the functions.

The Nintendo Joy-cons and Geeme Tutuo have similar functions. They offer motion control making it easy for you to wave them around while playing. You can also attach and detach them from their switch consoles. Charging can be done with a USB-C cable.

Bitdo SN30 pro

The 8 Bitdo SN30 pro is a great choice for all Nintendo controller lovers. Its features include an internal battery, Bluetooth, and a battery life of up to 20 hours. Unlike the other Nintendo controllers that have been discussed, the battery life of this particular one is shorter. All you need to do is to change it between gaming sessions.

You don’t want to miss out on the great features Nintendo has provided for your enjoyment. All the controllers are less expensive and easy to use.

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