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Playlist Names Generator can be used for YouTube playlists, Spotify playlists, SoundCloud, long videos and every other type of playlists.

On Youtube or Spotify you might have seen people using playlists to group their songs or videos. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep a name for your playlist. Especially when you have hundreds of videos and music files. Therefore, some people use playlist names generator to get new suggestions for their playlist names. It is important to grow your youtube channel.

The playlists are made for a user-friendly experience. As the user gets to watch videos or listen to music from the same category of music. The basic use of these name generators is to generate a combination of words and come up with a unique, attractive name for your playlist. These are general playlist names generator that you can use for Youtube playlists, Spotify playlists, or SoundCloud playlists.

And it might surprise you that organizing playlists is a job in itself. Many freelancers and full-time employees are employed in this work. They use all types of playlist name generators and use their own creativity. Thus they come up with fabulous names for playlists. The music industry hires playlist name experts to organize their music.  

How do these playlist names generator help?

Thinking of a tremendously attractive name for your playlist might be a difficult task. Especially, when you are dealing with thousands of videos or music files. The more files you group the more challenging it becomes to think about the perfect name for the playlist. A good playlist name is the one that gives the crux of the idea about the files it contains. It can be of a certain genre, category, or type of music. Playlist names generator combine different words and suggest a list of hundreds of names to choose from.

Playlists generate names based on various choices you make. It can be year of release, it can be genre, mood or anything else. When you combine them you get a unique name for your playlist.

For example if a generator allows you to select the year of release , mood and genre then the list would look something like this.


There will be a generate or create button. You need to select the year, mood and the genre of your choice and it will generate few good names for your playlist.

For example it can generate

Sad pop of 2019
Party Jazz 2020
Happy Rock
2021 Party rock.

Some playlists generate very unique names. They can add some creative words to ensure the uniqueness.

For example, for “Party Jazz 2021” they can add a creative world like fabulous. Thus the generated playlist names can be

Fabulous party jazz for 2021
2021 party jazz fabulous time
Party jazz for fabulous 2021

And so on. There can be hundreds of names added to generate thousands of unique and attractive names.

Understanding the moods

A mood defines a music file in the best possible way. Unlike any other type, you would prefer to listen or watch as per your present mood. Therefore, before selecting the type of mood you want to name your playlist with, you should understand what a mood type means.

Here is a list of different moods explained in detail.

Positive and Negative moods

Positive mood depicts happiness, gladness, excitement. Negative mood depicts sadness, gloominess etc.

When you are energetic, or you have achieved something you want to list to something that is full of instruments, noise, happy tone etc. A party pop or rock can be a choice then.

But, when you are broken, not happy with something you want to listen to something slow, serene, and quiet. In such a case, classical can be the best choice.

Therefore, keep these two words in mind. They attract the most.

For example “Positive jazz for romance”. This will immediately attract people who are in an elevated mood but do not want too much harsh noise. Therefore, their first choice can be to listen to Jazz instead of Rock.

At the same time, a teenager enjoying a party with his friends would prefer “positive pop for a party”. In short, your playlist name clearly suggests and captures the user’s attraction depending upon his or her own mindset.

Happy or Sad

When it is about peace, adventure, elevated mood, and something very positive you call it happy music. When it is something that is gloomy, hear breaking, negative then the mood is called as Sad. Apart from positive and negative, these are the two moods that easily attract the visitor.

Specific moods

There are some specific moods. They cannot be generalized or grouped with other mood types.

Moods like romance, study, etc are unique in themselves. Romance can include positive and negative moods. It depends on the individual who is listening. The individual can have different choices at different stages of a romance.

Similarly, the study is another mood where a person wants to listen to something that can help him or her to concentrate on their studies. Modern times have so many different attractions and enchantments that people tend to get distracted. Therefore, any music that helps your brain to relax or concentrate can be considered as music for study.

Tips to generate playlist names

You can use the YouTube audio library to see all types of moods.

To do so login to your YouTube channel. Select the top right icon to load the options.

Once you login to the youtube channel and select the mentioned option. Scroll to the Audio library in the right side menu

Once you select the audio library the following screen will appear. When you click the filter icon you will see many options. Like filter with track title, genre, mood, artist name, duration, etc.

You will get many great names of genre, mood etc. For example see the screenshot of the moods. It gives you a host of different moods to chose from.

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