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PUBG Mobile in talks with Airtel to Enter India

pubg trying to enter india

After being banned in India, PUBG Mobile is trying to leave all its Chinese connections and is reportedly in talks with Airtel to enter in India again. Read ahead for more details and reasons.

After being banned in India, PUBG Mobile is trying to leave all its Chinese connections and is reportedly in talks with Airtel to enter in India again. Read ahead for more details and reasons.

India is a global hub for many gamers and India is the country that contributed to the largest profits in the gaming sector around the world. According to the sources, the most influenced game PUBG, the downloads were reduced by more than 26% as a result of banning 116 apps with PUBG included, enacted by the government of India.

On September 2nd, India banned the PUBG Mobile along with other 116 other Chinese apps as a warning to China. At the same time, Tencent did break the relations with Chinese distributors or publishers. Many other games from Tencent were launched in India.

Tencent owns the Battle Royale games partly such as the Battlegrounds, Battlestate games and many more are a Chinese conglomerate technology company. So Tencent sponsors these games like promotion of their products, and others, and thus PUBG has announced its break with China’s Tencent holding for its franchise in India.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG

A South Korean gaming company has developed the PUBG game and is owned by PUBG Corporation. But with Chinas’ Tencent company, the mobile versions, other related versions were released due to its partnership.

Due to the game has heavy battlegrounds, and the tag of the Player unknown is given by Brendan Greene, the founder. Hence the PlayesUnknown’s Battlegrounds is made.

PUBG Mobile is more popular and has about 400 million players while the PUBG PC has around 8 Lakh players.

The highest PUBG Mobile downloads come from India.  PUBG Mobile is the one and only one mobile game that has cast advertisements on Indian television.

Likely to say that it has become so popular that Indian web series has been posted on PUBG Mobile named Dosti Ka, Naya Maidan on Youtube Channel.

The maps, the places in the game, bots, and other aspects of the game make it unique and everyone loved it. Whoa, that was a whole lot of fun when PUBG was on!

 Airtel –

Bharti Airtel headquartered in New Delhi, India, is a leading global telecom giant that is operating in about 18 countries of Asia and Africa.

It is ranked as one of the top 3 mobile services providing companies in India, which provides 2G, 3G, 4G wireless services, and many more.

It has about 423 million customers and now NODWIN gaming announces the partnership to take South Asia’s leading company Esports.

Initially, the Airtel India Esports tour will cover all the NODWIN tournaments like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, FIFA, etc.

As a part of this, PUBG has a chance of tying up with India through Airtel as India has contributed about 30 to 35 percent of overall downloads.

Indians are in relationship with PUBG

  • Before and during the lockdown, in the first half of the year, playing PUBG has become a mass habit for Indians. Around 36% of installations were made from the 34.2 million people in India.
  • The gaming app owned by Tencent, China contributed about 16.7% of overall downloads. The US has contributed about 6.4% downloads, all these followed by India with 24% installations.
  • Shrinking Downloads of PUBG – The Downfall
  • During June and July, the game downloads were at peak with around 18 million. The downfall of downloads in the number of PUBG by 26.7% has been observed in August.
  • According to the Sensor Tower, PUBG was the highest downloaded gaming app globally during the lockdown with India as a top contributor in having most of downloads.
  • Even though the ban of PUBG in India, had not made an impact on PUBG’s revenue according to the gaming industry.
  •  The analysts, states that the downfall in the number of downloads would not impact its revenue.
  • What affected the ban of PUBG was the revenue of streamers and tournament organizers, and almost 80% of their revenue was declined.
  • Firstly India has announced its digital ban of 59 apps with china based origin, where PUBG was not listed here.
  • Again India has announced a ban of 117 apps, with PUBG included and thus PUBG was not able to survive the second digital ban.

Return on PUBG in India – Airtel

  • PUBG is trying hard to get back into India to make money by allying with the Indian ecosystem due to its popularity.
  • As stated by Entrackr, PUBG has held up talks with India’s largest giant business platform, Reliance-owned Jio, to re-launch PUBG in India.
  • As the new report sources state, the talks have been limited and PUBG might want to partner up with Airtel, which is the top telecom giant, to handover the distribution rights.
  • This keen interest of PUBG over India shows that it has tried hard for the Indian market which was conveyed by one of the sources.
  •  A lean team is being built by the gaming platform in India which has about 4 to 6 years of experience.
  • As there is no update from the lead sources Airtel and PUBG, but this gap of the ban by PUBG in India has created more opportunities for other gaming platforms.
  • It seems like PUBG tying up with Airtel still needs time and meanwhile, many other apps have risen according to sources.
  • PUBG Corporation itself stated it understands and values its relationships among countries and will respect it because of the privacy and security measures.
  • It is willing to work with the Indian government to allow gamers to play in the battlegrounds concerning the country’s laws and regulations.

 Gaming Apps

  • The Sensor Tower has sourced out that, India’s home-based Ludo King has increased its download rate during the PUBG ban and about 10.3 million people have downloaded it.
  • An online multiplayer game ordered by the American game studio has observed around 9.5 million downloads.
  • Also, 9.4 million downloads were cornered by battle royal game Garena free fire during the ban.
  • Followed by these game downloads in India, some of the top five games like the bubble shooter and the carom pool has about 7.6 to 6.5 million downloads.
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