Samsung Allegedly Knows Why The Galaxy Note 7 Exploded


2016 hasn’t been one of the luckiest years for Samsung, largely owing to the Note 7 debacle. On August 16th Samsung released its most awaited flagship the Galaxy Note 7. Soon after its release, several incidents were reported from across the globe of the device going up in flames. The South Korean manufacturer tried its best to rectify the mistake. It recalled the defective devices and issued a new batch as replacement units, but even the replacement units shared the same fate. Samsung tried its best to persuade its customers to settle for the Galaxy S7 edge. Since then the Galaxy Note 7 has been a subject of controversy.

People have been making jokes, the Internet was flooded with the Galaxy Note 7 memes. There is even a dedicated Galaxy Note 7 mod for GTA 5 which replaces the explosive with the Note 7. But no one actually knew the reason why the device went up in flames. Good news is that Samsung supposedly figured out the reason behind this whole incident, the bad news is that they’re not sharing it.

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Mashable reports that Samsung has wrapped an internal investigation into why they suddenly became a bomb supplier, and the company claims that it found the problem. Most likely it’s something to do with the engineering of the phone itself, as Bloomberg found while covering the mess back in September.

The Note 7 was quite small for its battery. Squeezing the poles closer together increased the risk of extreme heat, fire, and explosion.

Of course, we have no idea what actually caused these explicable incidents. And Samsung has no deadline for releasing its findings on the Galaxy Note 7 to the public. We hope that changes soon. People have a right to know what happened. If Samsung, one of the best consumer electronics companies can run into a problem like this, so can others. Samsung owes it to the all of us, to tell us what went wrong, to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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