Self Driving Car Vs Human Driver: Which One Is Better?

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The idea of a self driving car never fails to impress us. With the continuous development of self driving car technology, the day isn’t far when AI will completely replace humans as drivers.

Cars like Tesla Model S are already advanced enough to replace you as their driver. The AI powered system can control the wheel by itself while you can monitor everything from the 17-inch display.
Also, the constant OTA updates are making it more advance by expanding its functionality.

The technology behind a self driving car consists of advanced sensors like radar, GPS, IMU (inertial measurement unit), and cameras. The data collected from all of these devices are combined to localize the vehicle accurately, identification and avoidance of objects, and Mapping the route.

A self driving car can identify an obstacle from 5 to 10 meters away and can easily avoid it.

That’s not just it. There’s much more than just sensors and cameras in the self driving car technology. The main component is the artificial intelligence which makes all the decisions on behalf of the driver while traveling. AI is the brain of self drive cars. It uses several complicated algorithms of deep learning to recognize the objects around the vehicle with the help of camera data and sensors. It makes the vehicle capable of doing advanced object tracking by itself.

The decision making part is largely based on the destination path. AI uses the data from the sensors and camera and predicts the chances of collision with nearby objects or vehicles, then it plans the movements accordingly. Also, AI can identify alternative routes and can move on to the more convenient and shorter one.

There is already Google self driving car, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X which is being tested on the streets and very much capable of driving around by themselves.

These companies are now developing cars from the passenger’s point of view. Automated cars are basically focused on safety, efficiency, and comfort. It can be speculated that in a not so distant future, these driverless vehicles will replace your conventional vehicles completely.
But have you ever wondered how this change will affect our lives? Will self driving cars be safe on the streets when compared to a human driver?
Let’s find out.

Self Driving Car Vs Human Driver: Safety

safety of self driving carThe whole idea behind replacing humans with microchips on the steering wheel is the safety of the passengers. It is believed by the companies that having AI controlling the vehicle will make your journey more secure.

Because on a long journey, a human driver can get tired or drowsy while driving but this won’t be the case with AI. Also, AI powered cars are equipped with multiple sensors, cameras, and an advanced processor which gives them a better sense of the environment. On the other hand, the human mind cannot focus on different things at the same time. a human driver cannot look at the rear view mirror while looking straight on the road so in these cases, the safety of autonomous vehicles can’t be questioned.

Having multiple sensors on the vehicle will make it safer in the Traffic Jams and long drives.

Self Driving Car Vs Human Driver: Reaction Time

Self drive cars are equipped with high-performance emergency brakes which can stop the vehicle at an instance. The braking system is advanced enough to detect, if any object suddenly comes in front of the car, the emergency brakes will be automatically applied.

However, In most cases, human drivers may panic in a situation like this and can possibly hit the object causing a major accident. So the reaction time of a self driving car will be better compared to a human driver because of the smart processing chips and powerful braking system.

Self Driving Car Vs Human Driver: Efficiency

A Self driving car uses different algorithms and sensors to determine the right speed, stopping distance and the safe distance from other vehicles which makes it more efficient while traveling. These autonomous cars are advanced enough to follow traffic rules by themselves.

All these factors prove that AI is an ideal driver when compared to a human driver who can exhibit frustration and bad behavior on the road while driving.

Self drive cars when in large numbers driving on a road can participate in vehicle platooning. It is a feature in AI powered vehicles which lets them communicate with each other. It helps them in matching acceleration and braking with other vehicle’s movements.

Not only it reduces the chances of accidents and traffic jams, It also helps them in travel faster and safer. Whereas humans can only honk and misbehave faster.

Self Driving Car Vs Human Driver: Productivity

There are different levels of the automated driving system. The primary level with sensors and additional indicators to assist the driver, Intermediate level which includes features like emergency automated braking system to assist when an object suddenly comes in front of the vehicle, and then there is the most advanced level of automated driving which only requires the driver to monitor the systems while the vehicle can drive around by itself.

The advanced level of self drive cars can increase the productivity of an individual.
One can finish their reading or take a look at the presentation on the way while the car drives them off to their destination.

Self Driving Cars Vs Human Driver: Racing Sports

Well AI powered cars may replace human drivers for good in many cases, but I believe it will affect the sports in an adverse way.
What will happen if we replace humans with AI powered vehicles in racing sports?

Well, the game won’t be about your favorite racer or the sporting spirit anymore. It will be all about the powerful engine or the better cars. Because the self driving car which is equipped with better and newer technology will obviously beat the older one. It will take the fun out of the game. All the adventure and thrill will be lost and the fans won’t have their favorite racers anymore. Winning and losing will become obvious and the sports will be ruined.


With increasing number of road accidents every year, it seems like having autonomous vehicles around will make the situation better.
Most of the upcoming self drive cars will run on electricity. This will make them more efficient and eco-friendly. Having such an advanced technology handling the steering wheels will make the journey safer and comfortable.

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