7 Reasons Why Google Assistant Is Better Than Siri

Google assistant is better than siri

The AI assistants in the smartphones have become more advanced and intelligent over the years. The new Google Assistant is a more humanly approach by Google but can it dethrone Siri? People keep on Arguing that Google Assistant is better than Siri or Siri is better than Google Assistant. We will be throwing a series of tasks at both the personal assistants and will judge them on the completion of the task.

The judgment will be on the basis of some broad categories like Travel, e-mail, sports, music, weather, calendar, and personality.
It is also important to note the devices that I will be using because different devices might work differently on the same task. So for Siri, I will be using an iPhone 7 and for Google Assistant I am using my Moto G5 plus.


I supplied my VIT, Vellore address to both the assistants and asked them “How do I get to SJT?”
Google Assistant: Google made things easier and acted like she knew what I was talking about. There was a map in front of me showing a route immediately and that puts me on my way.
Siri: Siri got the idea, but in a different manner or I should say in a not so easy manner. It was showing me different cards and then saying that “one option is the Silver jubilee Tower. Do you want that one?” After my confirmation, it did the same thing.
Conclusion: Here Google Assistant is better than Siri.
Then I gave the command to book an Uber. “Call me an Uber.”
Siri: Siri did well here; if the Uber app is enabled then you will get choices for the ride you want. It brings up an apple maps widget showing closest cab. You get all the details of the ride including ETA, estimated cost, etc. You can then book it instantly.
Google Assistant: At this point of time google assistant is unable to perform tasks like this one. It will search the web for you showing related searches.
Conclusion: In this task, Siri is better than Google Assistant


Now I asked both the assistants, “Send an email to Madhu Basumata.”
For this task both Siri as well as the google assistant were on the same note. The only difference being that Google assistant works with Gmail while Siri works on apple mail. I will prefer Gmail.
Conclusion: Here, in my opinion, Google Assistant is better than Siri
Then I enquired, “Do I have any new emails?”
Siri: Siri was spot on. It told me about how many unread mails I had from those that I received since yesterday, and then it opened a mail widget and displayed only those mails. Hence for this Siri is better than Google Assistant.
Google Assistant: It was not up to the mark in this task. The google assistant simply opened up my mail and showing two random mails which were not recent and replied, “That’s what I found in your mail.”
Conclusion: Siri is more close to the emails. Siri is better than Google Assistant in this task.
“Read my most recent email.”
Siri: Siri is clearly more tied to mail as it read my most recent mail, reading the date of mail, subject and the message too.
Google Assistant: It was again disappointing as it displayed two random e-mails again repeating what it said earlier.
Conclusion: Siri is better than Google Assistant in this one.


So in order to distinguish here, I asked them,” Who’s winning the cubs game?” and then they replied about the game and the final score. Then to make it more interesting I asked,” Who was the top scorer.”
Google Assistant was unable to tell me who scored the most number of runs while Siri was spot on and told me who scored the most runs in that match.
The replies were same to other questions regarding who they will play next and when.
Conclusion: Siri is better than Google Assistant for giving sports related information.
Now I asked some information from football. “Who won the premier league last year?”
Both the assistants gave the same answer by showing me the league table of previous year without saying anything about the winner team. Then I asked some info about this year,” Who is at the top of Premier league?” and again they both answered similarly.
So now to make it a bit tougher I tricked them by asking,” Who won the premier league?” The correct answer should be the winner from last year.
I got unexpected answers from both of them.
Siri: It showed me the league table of this year and pointing to who is at the top. In the same way as it did previously when I asked who is at the top of the league.
Google Assistant: It was not that much wrong as Siri because it told me about the teams who have won the league the most no. of times.kj
Conclusion: Here Google Assistant is better than Siri (Or the least looser)

google assistant vs siri


For the tasks like sending or reading text messages both were up to the mark. But for reading tweets Siri was good while Google Assistant couldn’t read my tweets.
When it came to music both were equally good while Google Assistant had the edge because it can sing for you but Siri can’t.

Conclusion: Tie


So I was wondering about the weather and hence I asked,” What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?”
Siri was quite weak at this point because it doesn’t say whatever info is there on the screen. Despite saying anything it will force you to look up at the screen while Google Assistant will be up to the mark saying completely about the weather. Then on the continuation, I asked.” What about Lucknow?”
It was meant to be a conversational follow-up but only Google Assistant was able to follow.
Conclusion: Google Assistant is better than Siri for weather info.


I asked,” Do I have anything scheduled for tomorrow?”
Both the Assistants were able to recognize all the events that I had the next day but Siri was trying to push me to its companion app while Google Assistant wants you to use Google Calendar. In my opinion Google calendar better than other companion apps. But it is mostly a tie.
Then to follow up with it I asked,” How about the rest of this week?”
Unexpectedly only Siri was able to connect the conversation and expanded the calendar widget from the last question to show my whole week and then read it out. Whereas Google Assistant required me to explain,” What’s on my calendar this week?”
Then I asked each assistant to,” Schedule dinner with mom on Sunday.” Siri and Google Assistant both were awesome dealing with the issue. But when it came to modify or change it, Google Assistant was unable to do it. I tried to phrase it in several different possible ways but it was of no use. However, Siri was able to fulfill the needs.
Conclusion: Here Siri is better than Google Assistant.


First of all, I asked them ” Tell me a joke.”
Siri: “The past, present and future walk into the bar. It was tense.” (lame)
Google Assistant: “How many teenagers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? …..Whatever” (lame again)
Conclusion: None.
I asked what Google Assistant thinks about Siri and what Siri thinks about the Google Assistant. The respective answers were as falls.
Google Assistant: “I know she’s from Cupertino. That’s pretty close to Mountain view.”
Siri: “I really couldn’t say.”
While Google Assistant came up with an interesting answer, Siri kept things close to the vest. Google seems happy to be a little more snarky.
Conclusion: Google Assistant is better than Siri. (interesting personality).
Now I was looking to play a game and asked,” I want to play games.”
Google Assistant is way ahead of Siri here with the number of games it has and the interesting games it has. There are quiz games, MadLibs, a digital Rubik’s Cube, and much more. You can spend some time here too. Siri was not up to the mark as it stonewalled me.
Conclusion: Google Assistant is better than Siri in This one.

Final Words: Google Assistant vs Siri

After going through a bunch of questions and tests I think both of them are pretty good assistant. However, Google assistant is more natural as it displays less visual content and gives you audio based conversations, On the other hand, Siri sometimes uses search results, infographics, and images to support her answer. Well, this conversation is certainly not enough to decide if Google Assistant is better than Siri or Siri is better than Google Assistant but as a human, I will prefer a robot that could talk to me like a human and can follow up the conversations so I prefer Google Assistant.

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