What Is Super Mario Run? Everything You Need To Know


Well for all the guys from 90s Super Mario is a game that made those days golden and memorable. You will still remember that red hat and the stylish blue outfits making the character funny and awesome. After the success of a game like Pokemon go, this one can turn out to be an outstanding success. But it’s not a good news for android users as they have to wait a little more. It will be released for Android in the year 2017.
Well it’s time for the iOS users to feel a bit more special as they get to play this game first. The side-scrolling, auto-running, single-player game for iOS users was released on Dec 15, 2016 by Nintendo. It is developed by Nintendo EPD on the engine Unity. This is evidently the first ever effort of Nintendo to enter the mobile gaming market with its franchises.

The Best Part: Gameplay

super mario run

It plays as a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer game. The player has to control Mario as he automatically runs from left to right and jumping over the gaps or hurdles that come on the way. So you have to tap the screen to make Mario jump larger obstacles. Actually, the longer the screen is touched, the higher Mario jumps.

Just like other side-scrolling super Mario games the motive is to get Mario over gaps, onto enemies, and into coins to collect them while the end goal is to get Mario through the level safely in the fastest time possible.

Once the normal coins are collected you have to go through the levels again in search of special coins. First, you have to collect five pink coins to unlock five purple coins and then collect them to finally unlock the five black coins and hence it takes at least three playthroughs to collect everything in a given level.

More Features

To complement the main game, there is also a “Toad Rally” mode. You can challenge the “ghost” versions of technically the other player’s playthroughs of same levels. Similar to the “time attack” modes found in most of the “Mario Kart” entries. You can use the collected coins earned in these game modes to buy items to create and customize your “Mushroom Kingdom” in a separate third mode which is quite comparable to the “Farmville”. You can also unlock the 5 other characters through these modes. While, it is not required to complete any level but you get tools to complete any level with a different approach. The other characters to be unlocked include Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette and Yoshi. These characters have slightly different gameplay attributes.

Nintendo Announced on its Japanese Twitter account that the game has been already downloaded over 50 million times. Seems like Super Mario Run is all set to break the records set by the Pokemon Go.

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