WhatsApp Disappearing Messages and Other Tips and Tricks

A new feature that enables WhatsApp messages to disappear is now live in India. Learn Easy and useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp.

A new feature that enables WhatsApp messages to disappear is now live in India. Learn Easy and useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp.

How to enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp

Do you have a WhatsApp application on your Android or iPhone device? You can now use WhatsApp disappearing messages.

Like Snapchat and Telegram, WhatsApp in India has introduced a feature that erases your WhatsApp messages after some time. As a WhatsApp or iOS user, this special feature is for you. If you check the frequent questions and answers (FAQ) page on WhatsApp, you’ll see the option to erase messages for group or individual chats after 7 days.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of doing certain things you’ve not been able to do before on WhatsApp. But first, we want to teach you how to enable disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

Before this feature can work on your device, make sure you have downloaded the recent version of WhatsApp. If you are using an Android phone, the latest version is and for iPhone, Once you’ve sorted this, move on to follow these simple steps.

* Select a WhatsApp chat, then click on the contact info

* Scroll down and you’ll see the new feature

* Click on “Continue”, then “On” to enable the disappearing message feature.

* Select the chats you want to erase individually and the messages will be deleted within 7 days.

For now, 7 days is the duration you have to wait for before the messages clear. One advantage of this feature is that you can save the messages before they are finally deleted. To achieve this, just copy the messages and paste them to another location on your device. For media, especially images, you can take a screenshot and save it as a photo before clearing the messages.

Let’s check out Easy WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

How to See WhatsApp messages deleted by Others

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows users to erase their messages. This feature allows the removal of messages, videos, and photos from WhatsApp. This implies that you and other people cannot see these messages after they’ve been deleted. That’s why we created this article so that you can see deleted messages, especially if it’s of importance to you.

If you are familiar with the use of WhatsApp, you will notice that when someone sends a message to you and deletes it, “This message has been deleted” will show on your page. With your Android phone, you don’t have to bother about not seeing a deleted message again. Follow through with this simple process.

* Check Google playstore, then download and install  WhatsRemoved+

* Open the App and complete the setup process

* On the App, you’ll be asked to choose the apps in which you want to save notifications and changes. Select “WhatsApp” then “Next”

* Tap “Yes” on the next option, then “Allow” to save files. Your App should be ready for use if you do everything right.

* All notifications will be present on the App, including deleted messages on WhatsApp. To access your messages, open the App, and select WhatsApp. That’s all!

Presently, this is not available for iOS.

WhatsApp Hacks and easy tips and Tricks to try

How to Enable Dark Theme On WhatsApp

For people who don’t like exposing their eyes to bright light, especially at the night, WhatsApp web dark mode is now available.

It doesn’t matter if you use a desktop, laptop, Android, or iPad, you can benefit from this feature. This guide will teach you how to enable a dark theme on WhatsApp.

* Open your WhatsApp on an Android phone and the top right, select the “Three dots” icon

* Tap “Settings”, then ” Theme “

* Select “Dark” and “Ok”

* Your WhatsApp screen should become dark after completing this process

How To Make Group Calls with WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Zoom and Google Duo is not the only App that can be used for group video calls, as WhatsApp now has the same feature. For those who meet online regularly, this feature is important, useful, and easy to use. That’s why many users are downloading the WhatsApp Application regularly to benefit from this opportunity.

When on the call, you can add other participants to the group or start a call with other participants from one of your chats. With all these benefits, some people still find it difficult to make a group call on WhatsApp. That’s why we created this article, to help you connect with other people through WhatsApp group call with your iPhone or Android.

Note that when we say “Group call”, we are referring to both voice and video calls. For now, WhatsApp allows only four participants to join a join at a time.

This is the process you need to follow:

* Open WhatsApp on your device and tap ” Calls” on the bottom – right corner of the screen

* You’ll see a list of all your contacts that can join your group

* Tap on the “New group call” icon

* Next, you’ll select the contacts you want to speak with through the group call.

* You’ll see your selected contacts on the top of the list

* Select the voice or video icon, depending on the type of call you want to make

* While on call, you can add other participants, as long as it’s not more than four

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks that you can easily use

How To WhatsApp Anyone Without Saving Their Number

Most WhatsApp users restrict their privacy settings to “My contact”. This implies that anyone who is not on their contact list would not be able to reach out to them. We will tell you how to send WhatsApp messages to users without saving their number.


If you use Android or iOS, this method works well for you.

* First, you need to open your phone’s browser

* Input this URL http://wa.me/×××××××××××××× in the address bar (××××××××××× represents the country code and phone number of recipient)

* Tap ” Enter ” to open the link

* You’ll be directed to a WhatsApp webpage, then see a “Green message button”, tap on it

* You should now be able to send WhatsApp messages to people without including their contact on your list

How To Enable Group Privacy Settings on Your Smartphone

Before you proceed, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. For Android, the latest version is 2.19.308 while iPhone’s latest WhatsApp version is 2.19.112.

Now let’s proceed.

* Open the WhatsApp application on your device and tap the icon on the top-right

* Select “Settings”, “Account” then “Privacy”

* Choose “Group” and any of the three options “Everyone”, ” My contacts” or “My contacts except…”

* Selecting ” My contacts except …” gives you the control to allow only selected people on your contact list to add you to groups.

* You can tap “Select all” or choose the contact one after the other.

* After completing the process, anyone who wants to add you to a group will have to send a private message and wait for your approval.

Tips and Tricks to use on WhatsApp

How To Schedule WhatsApp Message on Android

Currently, there is no feature on WhatsApp that allows you to schedule messages. However, there are several applications you can make use of to perform this function. Of all the third-party app, SKEDit is a reliable option. Follow through this process


* Go to Google playstore on your device to download SKEDit

* Install the app and open it

* Sign in if you’ve registered on it before and if not, sign up

* Select “WhatsApp” in the main menu

* Tap “Enable accessibility”, ” SKEDit”, “Use service” then “Allow”. Go back to the app

* Add the recipient, input your message, set the scheduled date and time

* Choose the option to repeat the scheduled message if you want to

* Last option will show ” Ask me before sending “. Tap the ” Tick” icon, and your message will be scheduled

* On the day and time you selected for your message, you’ll receive a notification to complete the action. You can tap “Send” if you wish to

* If you selected “Off” in your “Ask me before sending” icon, you’ll be asked to disable your phone’s screen lock and to disable your device’s battery optimization. This means your scheduled messages will be sent automatically.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone

iOS doesn’t require third-party applications for scheduling WhatsApp messages. Through Siri shortcuts, you can carry out this process with ease. This is the process you need to follow;

* Go to the app store on your iPhone and download the shortcuts/Skedits app

* Open the app, then select the “Automation” tab

* In the top-right corner, tap the “+” icon, and “Create personal automation”

* Select “Time of the day”, and select the dates and time to schedule your WhatsApp messages.

* Select ” Next” and “Add action”

* In the search bar, type “Text”

* Enter the message you want to schedule in the text field

* Below the text field, tap the “+” icon, and look for WhatsApp in the search bar

* Select “Send message via WhatsApp”, choose your recipient, and tap ” Next”.

* Then you can now tap “Done”.

* At the scheduled date, you’ll always receive a notification from the shortcuts app.

* When you tap the notification, your WhatsApp message will be pasted in the text field. Just tap ” Send”.

How To Setup Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

Before you can set up a fingerprint lock on your WhatsApp account, you need to install the latest version from Google playstore. After doing this, follow these simple steps to enable fingerprint authentication.

How To Setup Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp - easy whatsapp tricks and tips

* Tap the three dots icon on the top-right of your WhatsApp application

* Go to “Settings”, “Account “, “Privacy”, “Fingerprint Lock”

* Turn on “Unlock with fingerprint”

* Select “Immediately”, ” After a minute” or “After 30 minutes”

If you’ve followed this process correctly, you will need to use your fingerprint to unlock the app.

For iPhone, you can use a similar feature. The “Touch ID” can use a fingerprint lock.

* Go to “Settings” on WhatsApp

* Tap “Account”, ” Privacy”, then “Screen lock”

Best Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp

How To Send Big Size video on WhatsApp

Note that you can’t send a photo or video that is more than 100 MB. Now let’s proceed.

* Open the video app on your device and select the media file you want to share

How To Send Big Size video on WhatsApp - best whatsapp tricks

* Tap “Share”

* Scroll down and tap “Save to files”

* Confirm the file is saved, open WhatsApp, and  tap on the contact you want to share the file with

* Tap the “+” icon, “Document”, ” File you want to send”, “Select”, then ” Send”

 If you’ve followed the process correctly, your file should be sent to the contact.

How To Fix WhatsApp Storage Full

* Go to “Settings” > ” Data and Storage Usage”

How To Fix WhatsApp Storage Full - tips and tricks

* Next, you’ll see the list of your conversations that has made your storage full

* Tap on them to see the exact information they have shared with you, including the number of media files

* Tap “Manage” then “Clear” to erase the messages

* Check other contacts to repeat the process

Easy WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to use

How To Hide Your Profile Picture

By default, everyone can see your profile picture, including those that are not on your contact list.

How To Hide Your Profile Picture

To hide your profile picture, except for those on your contact list, follow this simple process;

* Click on the three dots at the right corner of your app

*Click on “Settings”

* Select “Account”, then ” Privacy”

* You’ll have to choose between “My contacts”, ” Everyone ” and “Nobody”

* If you choose “My contact”, people on your contact list alone will be able to see your profile picture but if you choose ” Nobody”, no one except you will be able to see your picture.

How To Enable Two Factor Authentication

One advantage of using this feature is that you will be able to secure your account from hackers or other people, even if you misplace your phone. All you need is to set up a six-digit PIN whenever you want to sign in on WhatsApp on any smartphone.

How To Enable Two Factor Authentication

This is how to enable Two-factor authentication;

* On your WhatsApp, go to “Settings”

* Tap “Account”, then ” Two-step verification”

* Next, tap “Enable”, you’ll be asked to input your unique six-digit PIN including an email address that will be linked to the account

* In case you forget your PIN, you can use your email. Make sure you can remember the two vividly

* Confirm your email and you’re good to go. Your account is now secured

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